Today is WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY.  Christians are not immune from the feelings that everyone has.  We do have a friend to lean on – Jesus.  There are circumstances that seem overwhelming for all of us and everyone, even Christians, face challenges.  Jesus loves us so much.  Did you know He prays to the Father for us?  That’s huge!

Even though I’ve been a Christian for over 40 years, there are still some rough patches in life.  I can look back on those times and see how the Lord guided me through to the other side.  I don’t see how things will work out, but my Savior is already there and He knows how it will all resolve.

If you are considering ending your life, let me tell you – God sees your struggle and if you will pray to Him, He will help you through your situation, believe me!  God’s timing is not our timing.  His timing is perfect –  and we need to have faith and trust Him with our lives.  We are not our own, but belong to God.  It needs to be His decision to end our lives, not ours.

Every life is precious to God – yours and mine are no exception.  If you need a friend today, please send me a friend request on facebook!  Don’t go this life alone – please.  Life is tough enough, but to cut yourself off from civilization is not the answer.  Friend me – I’m a good listener.

I had dreams for my life too – they didn’t work out like I planned, but life is worth fighting for!  Believe today that God has a plan for your life and trust Him to use it for His glory.  Our Father knows the desires of your heart – and mine.  He knows what we want, but more importantly, He knows what we need.

I pray that we will learn to listen more closely to His prompting as we go through life.  Sometimes we just have to exercise our faith until we finally get through the dark passages and see the light of a new day.  I am in the palm of God’s mighty hand – and so are you.  ❤






There are many misguided beliefs that this prayer is about material possessions. Newsflash – it’s not. It’s about people, not stuff. People matter more than stuff! When I pray this prayer it’s in the sincere hope that God will bring people into my life. Stuff doesn’t talk back – which in some cases is good, but most of the time – it’s just lonely.

Yesterday I got to see love in action – twice, in the same place! Most people take these things for granted, but if you have either an elderly person or a baby in your family – then you are blessed.

I was sitting at a quaint little Amish restaurant just a few miles West of Wichita in Yoder, Kansas. My husband had left our booth and since I was alone it gave me an opportunity to see and listen to the folks around me. When I looked to the left, I saw a very old and feeble woman seated at a table with someone who looked to be middle-aged. From the body language it seemed as though it was an elderly mother and her daughter. It made me think of the many times I took my mother out for meals. Some of our best conversations happened in a restaurant.

We arrived at the restaurant just after lunch time, so it was not crowded at all. This sweet pair of women had my undivided attention. I was just a distant observer, quietly taking mental notes and watching love at its best. Evidently the older woman was fighting sleep after eating her meal (hey – don’t we all?) – the younger woman said, “Oh – it’s not nap time already is it?” I had to chuckle at that remark. I always take an afternoon nap – unapologetically! I nap and I don’t care who knows it!

The women gathered their belongings – a tote bag and a few other odds and ends I could not make out. The younger woman patiently helped the older one get situated with her walker and they slowly and gingerly made their way out of the dining area.

I took another sip of water and thought back on the happy times my mama and I had. Then something else caught my attention. A baby’s cry – but not just an ordinary cry. It was a newborn baby crying! That’s a very distinctive sound indeed! There was a young couple with their newborn along with an older couple who I will assume were grandma and grandpa.

Babies just make everyone smile – and this one was no exception. I thought, “Oh yes, little one – wrap them all around your little pinky finger now!” Everyone was smiling and chit chatting away about the future. Everything revolves around this child’s future and everyone at the table has a purpose in their lives because of her.

If you feel alone and isolated today, I invite you to visit a restaurant and look to the left… look to the right. There is life outside your little world. Break out of your cocoon and fly like a butterfly into the world and get involved in someone else’s story. If your story seems dull and bleak, maybe it’s time to bring in more characters.



My friend Allyson shares her “Twilight Zone” experience with Type 1 Diabetes:

The “Twilight Zone” started here with Tayler’s dx with Type 1 Diabetes ~ Before Type 1, it seems that the difficult family/friends that exist in most people’s lives, would say something hurtful and I’d forget about it and move on. After Type 1 dx, when hurtful things weren’t only directed at me, but my child, there was no forgetting and moving on. Several family and so-called friends said some horrible things about my parenting, insinuating that I made her sick, etc. A few even attacked me right on my wall on Facebook. When I stood up for myself by explaining what Type 1 Diabetes is and that there was NO WAY to prevent it, they unfriended and blocked me and continued spouting off behind my back, calling me a bad mother, etc. Sadly, we have no family support, but I thank God Tayler has two parents here for her 24/7. Tayler has also made friends at Type 1 camp and a youth group who also have Type 1 Diabetes and that has been a tremendous help. Some family live out-of-state, and are busy with their own lives, so it’s kind of ‘out of sight, out of mind’, even with Facebook and all my posts. For others, it’s just easier to make-believe it doesn’t exist.

I have a “Twilight Zone” experience with chronic pain medication:

Since my accident several years ago, I have been diligently searching for effective pain management. My constant sciatic pain is absolutely unbearable. Funny thing about pain – once your friends find out you are in pain, they back away and leave. Some don’t back away as quickly as others, but eventually you find yourself alone looking in the mirror. You tell yourself that the pain is all you have left. Nothing helps – nothing. I tried physical therapy, chiropractic and every pain medication known to man including spinal blocks. I had a TENS unit for a while – then upgraded to something called Pain-free which is similar to a TENS unit. I’ve been told that surgery is not an option – they apparently cannot surgically un-rotate a rotated pelvis.

There’s a “Twilight Zone” episode called “The After Hours” where all the mannequins in a department store take turns coming to life. They are all given one month to go out and be human. They look and act just like people, but then are required to go back to the store and take their place as a mannequin once again so that the next one can have his or her turn. I feel as though I’m a mannequin on bad pain days or on days when my diabetes is not being kind. I am thankful for the “good” days when I feel more human!  This episode of “The Twilight Zone” (and many others) are on  You Tube to watch.  I won’t post it here due to possible copyright infringement.

Isn’t it sad when physical limitations cause barriers in relationships with people who supposedly love us? Why can’t we all just accept one another as we are – warts and all? Whether it’s Type 1 Diabetes or chronic pain, these conditions were certainly not “created” by anything in the surrounding environment! Tay’s Type 1 Diabetes was with her the day she was born. I had a stupid accident. No one sets out to be the underdog. Life happens and we need to stop the blame game. Allyson is not to blame for Tay’s Type 1 Diabetes. I am not to blame for having chronic pain. Somebody needs to be the bigger person, step up and apologize for misunderstanding the disease process. She feels bad enough – don’t make it worse.

Please read this commentary from John Manganiello:

People are often afraid of things they don’t understand. No one is responsible for causing diabetes. I know how important it is for us to have support in our battle with this every day. It’s not easy, especially for children and their Parents. Attending Camp and making other friends that share and understand, will help a lot in adjusting to living with it. When I was diagnosed at the age of 24, I knew no one who had it. My Family and friends helped, but didn’t understand and were afraid of it. We all need to continue to learn, support, and teach others about diabetes. There will always be those who just won’t try to understand. Staying focused and motivated is important.   🙂