Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.  – Psalm 23:4

My heart is heavy today.  I’m praying for two very good friends, both facing serious health issues.  One is in surgery right now fighting to stay alive.  Please pray with me for these two wonderful people.  They are both Christians, and that is the one thing that makes this easier than it would be otherwise.

Precious Lord,

It’s with a heavy heart I come to You.  You are Almighty Creator God; holy and full of grace and love.  I have such great grief for two friends today and one may be leaving me.  I know everyone has to die sometime, Lord, but I thank You Father, that because of Jesus, You know my pain and sorrow intimately.  Jesus knows the way through this dark shadow of death and for that I thank You.  Please guide the hands of the surgeons today and if it be Your will let my friend survive and thrive from this day on.  If not, hold her in Your precious arms and see her safely home to spend eternity with You.  Guard my heart and mind and let me find peace no matter what happens.  I thank You for the cross and for the resurrection of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I confess that You are Lord of all and the gate-keeper to eternal life.  Grant me peace in my heart, mind and spirit right now as I wait for news.  I ask all of this in Christ’s precious name, Amen.

There are folks who I am honored to call friends.  I feel so blessed in my life to have talked and laughed and yes, cried a few times with them.  To know that they are facing such horrific health issues with a grace and courage that I’m not sure I’d have – well, it humbles me.  They hang on to the hand of Jesus with faith firmly intact, unwavering and unafraid.


I appreciate those who join me in prayer today.  Prayer really does change things.  Thanks!  🙂






It’s not too late to laugh! In case you are in a situation where you feel life is a bit hopeless and there will never be any laughter in your future, I’m here to tell you that’s not true! If you can find just one good friend who does not confine your thoughts and make you stifle the giggles you would love to set free, you are blessed in this life.

I have one good friend who does not mind that I speak freely or laugh randomly. What a blessing! Sometimes I laugh so hard I begin to cry. What good does laughter do?

Laughter can give you an instant workout, physically and emotionally. The “core” benefits when you laugh. A minute of laughter equals about 10 sit-ups. Emotionally, when you laugh, endorphins release. Those are the “feel-good” hormones that keep us from being down and depressed all the time.

Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.  – Proverbs 27:17

Have you ever heard two people engaged in a conversation and one says something, then the other “feeds” off of them and says something else that makes both of them laugh even harder? Well, that is what iron sharpening is all about. It’s a type of “feeding” – but in a good way. If you have a friend who understands how important that kind of relationship and conversation is, you have hit the jackpot! God has provided the best thing ever with that kind of friendship.

Those who bring sunshine to others can not keep it from themselves.  – Sir James M. Barrie

Count your blessings if you have a good friend; someone you can be yourself with; someone who will neither judge you nor scold you for the things you choose to say. Life can seem so long if you have to guard every word that proceeds from your mouth. There should be one soul in this world who will let you be yourself, no holds barred, and no walking on eggshells.  Wink!  😉





If you have 5 good friends in the course of your life, that’s a good thing! People will come and go and not all of them will stay – and not all of them are keepers. When I am a friend, I try to be a good one. I pray for my friends and help as much as I can. I take friendship very seriously and expect nothing less from my friend.

Friends are the family we would choose for ourselves if we could. They are the people who are honest with us when no one else is. They are the ones who tell us when we have a price tag hanging from that new Christmas sweater at church (yes, that really happened – sigh).

I feel free to share nearly anything with my best friends. I ask questions of them that I would not ask anyone else. When I’m crying, they cry with me. When I’m laughing, they laugh too! We don’t hide emotions. There are no masks between me and my best friends. If I hurt them – they forgive quickly. If they hurt me, I forgive quickly. We work it out; then we move on.

Sometimes friends get called away for mission service or God has another place for them to serve. It’s painful to lose friends but with Skype and other technology, it’s easier to let them go, and of course we know that God has a great work for them to do.

The reality check I need comes from my best friends. They keep me grounded when I think too much of myself or my abilities. They encourage my spirit when I feel lower than a snake’s belly. Sometimes it cuts like a knife to hear the truth from them, but I know they tell the truth and I love them for it.

Iron sharpens iron… I believe in my friends and they believe in me. We all believe in GOD and that makes all the difference! ❤