How can such a large tree (if indeed it is a tree) come from such a tiny seed?  We’re told that faith the size of a mustard seed is large as well.  I don’t know whether anyone wears these anymore – but my mom and dad gave me a necklace that held a single mustard seed.  It was my high school graduation and I was anxious about leaving all the things that were familiar.  That little mustard seed went with me to college and beyond.  It meant so much to have that reminder as my companion.

I am small – but HE is so big!  In this case, however… I believe the example of the mustard seed was used for a couple of different reasons:

  1. The Lord wants us to know that Heaven is so much – not only larger than we can possibly imagine – but also He wants us to rest assured that it is so much better than we’ve ever known down here on earth.  On one hand, we’re urged to share our faith everywhere we go – but on the other hand, we’re invited to bask in the greatness of what Heaven will be – a place like we’ve never known and cannot imagine because our finite minds are not able to imagine – but our hearts long for…
  2. The kingdom of heaven is at its fullest in Christ. That is why wherever Jesus went, the sick were healed, demons were cast out, and the dead were even raised. Because none of those things exist in the kingdom of heaven and Jesus walked in such a way that He brought heaven to earth. He passed this authority on to his disciples, telling them to do the same thing. And He wants us to have an abundant life, which would require complete surrender to Jesus and the Holy Spirit (which would mean that God’s domain/kingdom is expanding in us). So, we too, are called to expand Christ’s kingdom on earth preaching and teaching His wonderful Gospel – reminding others that His kingdom is at hand.  We don’t know the day nor the hour of His returning – but until that wonderful day, we can try to imagine our Heavenly home – but that’s all we can do – we can only imagine. Thank you so much for joining me for this week’s Bible study!  Have a blessed week in the Lord!  🙂






Today we celebrate HOMEMADE BREAD DAY!  There is not a better scent in the world than freshly baked homemade yeast bread!  Awe – it is so wonderful!  Unfortunately, it is chock full of carbohydrates, so I don’t bake bread very often.  😦

Frankly, I am intimidated about baking bread.  I did find one link that makes it look so simple – I may try to make homemade bread yet!


Years ago I was part of a circle of friends at Park City Nazarene Church.  These women would not have had to take me in, but they did – with open arms!  I met with them to do crafts.  I’ve slept a lot since that time – I think we quilted – but don’t quote me on that.  What we did is not as important as the fun and laughter we shared while doing it – does that make sense?

Carolyn opened her home to us and never met a stranger.  Her hospitality was amazing and I cherished her friendship.  These were my husband’s friends – I was the stranger – but not for long! 

One day at the quilting bee, we were discussing what heaven would be like – because as the song reminds us, here on earth we can only imagine.  But we like to think about it because although we don’t know many things for certain, we trust that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for each one of us – think about that – He is preparing a special place – just for you.  Your place will not be like my place.  Just to think about the building materials He uses makes my head spin!  Streets of gold – solid gold???  We use asphalt down here – imagine what kind of materials he uses to build mansions!

I smile when I think about that day – I’ll never forget the look on Carolyn’s face.  It was as if she had transported herself to the pearly gates.  She had a look of longing on her face – I watched her and I think there may have been a tear welling up in her eye.  She gently smiled and said, “My corner of heaven will smell like freshly baked bread!” 

You know, I believe it probably will.  When I get to heaven I want to see Jesus first.  But I think then I’ll visit Carolyn’s mansion and enjoy some freshly baked bread with her.  Breaking bread in heaven will be so great, won’t it?  ❤