It’s a safe bet that I won’t write the great American novel, but I enjoy writing so very much.  Through this little blog I have met so many nice people, taught others about some of the challenges that diabetes presents, and helped you (and me) to see that there is something to celebrate every single day because God is so Good and gives us precious gifts.

I entered a contest when I was a teenager.  A local radio station wanted kids to write an essay letter entitled MY DAD IS THE BEST DAD BECAUSE.   I was all over it!  The letter wrote itself – because my dad WAS the best!  My letter was chosen and I won a gift certificate for Henry’s, a local men’s store.  I don’t remember a more proud moment than when I walked in that store and helped my daddy pick out a new shirt!  I’ve been hooked on writing (in one form or the other) since then.  What a difference it makes when a kid gets some encouragement.  It matters – it really does.

And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.   – Sylvia Plath

I love to write this blog!  God has blessed me with the gift of encouragement and it’s my hope and prayer that everything I’ve said here will bless your heart and life.  I began writing articles about type 2 diabetes a few years ago.  Through those articles I got an opportunity to do some ghost writing and guest blogging for some pretty great bloggers.  If I can offer my perspective on a subject and enrich another person’s life in the process, I’m so happy to do that!

I’ve met brilliant authors on facebook and enjoy chatting with them almost daily.  To pick a real writer’s brain is a priceless opportunity.  It’s so cool that some people have so much talent bestowed on them and can write actual books!

I’ll just keep communicating and teaching (some days I learn along with you).  I’m open to other writing adventures as God opens doors.  I still write poetry as I’m led to do so but I’m not a poet.  God impressed upon me the need to reach out to others who may feel a bit lonely and need a friend.  I want to encourage you every day – let you know that God loves you so much!

You know what?  If we can have some fun exploring a wacky holiday in the process – that’s okay too, right?  😉