Estate sales are so much fun because, like a treasure hunt, you never know what you may find!  There may be a house filled with things that you are sure you can’t live without at bargain prices, or it might be full of things that you can easily walk away from and leave behind.

All decoration is about memories.  – Mrs. Henry Parish

The last estate sale we went to left quite an impression on me.  There is a housing development just south of ours that we laughingly refer to as “the high rent district” because the homes sell for over $500,000.00 and the HOA dues are about triple what ours are.  We’re talking about a very nice area!

Ah!  There is nothing like staying home for real comfort.  – Jane Austen

I was first impressed by the landscaping as we approached the beautiful front door.  Obviously these people did not do it themselves.  It was professionally done.  At the door there was an intercom.  I suppose that is to announce your arrival.  We walked in the door and the foyer was lovely with tile floors and textured walls.  I turned to the left and saw the master dining room, separated from the living room by two columns!  Yes, I said columns!  Do you have columns in your house?  Yeah, me neither.

He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.  – Johann von Goethe

I thought about removing my shoes, but as I looked at others, I realized that I should probably leave them on or look like an idiot walking around in sock feet while everyone else was wearing shoes.

A little house, a house of my own, out of the wind’s and rain’s way.  – Padrak colum

The sale was fairly ordinary actually…  it would seem that even wealthy people use items such as cotton balls and heating pads.  I must admit, however, that the massive stained-glass window in the oversized master bath took me aback!  The his and hers walk-in closets made me think of our own closet space – and our bi-fold doors.  To those of you who don’t know – having bi-fold doors on your closet means that there are items in your closet that are hidden forever because you will never be able to reach them!

An open home, and open heart.  Here grows a bountiful harvest.  – Judy Hand

Back to the estate sale…  yes, let’s go back to those lovely walk-in closets!  I could see each item of clothing and for a moment I just imagined what that must be like.  I think I could stay there and find out…  her clothing was all too small for me, which came as no surprise.  Most rich women are skinny.  It seems so unfair somehow, doesn’t it?  To have money and be thin…  that’s just almost too much good stuff for one woman!

I wondered through the five more than adequate sized bedrooms, the fireplace room and a few rooms that I don’t even know what they were – not sure they knew either.  The man had a very detailed train set in a train room in the basement – it was marvelous!  The woman did crafts and sewed as there were supplies and some quilts that I’m sure she made.

In the very back part of the basement, I saw it.  That is when reality slapped me upside the head – finally.  The heart pillow – you know, that heart pillow that they give folks who have open heart surgery.  I recognized it.  I knew immediately what it was and what it meant.

Surely people with wealth don’t have health problems, do they?  Are they really human like me?  And, this is an estate sale, so…  either they are downsizing or they no longer need this beautiful home for some other reason.  Suddenly my discontentment was replaced by empathy and sympathy.  There’s a reason these things were being sold and a reason the house was being auctioned.

Isn’t it strange how we can look at things more than people?  I admit it – I had house envy and was jealous of the nice closets and the size and beauty of the place.  When I saw that little heart pillow, something clicked inside of me – because I remember our experience with our own.  My mind went back and I finally put two and two together.  Reality came rushing back.

May God help us all to look beyond the temporal to the eternal.  That house will crumble and fall one day, but those people will live for eternity.  No matter what background we come from or how much education we have, one day we will be called away from this planet.  May God help us to stay focused on the things that really matter – and those are not things at all.  ❤



I don’t pay attention to how many people follow this blog, but if you are reading this post today, I humbly ask for your prayers on behalf of my talented friend, Lucinda Berry Hill.  We don’t know what the problem is, but we most definitely know WHO the Great Physician is…  Amen!

I want to share this bit of writing with you today.  I read it and had two thoughts:

(1) This is a long piece, and (2) I must share this even if it’s not in the form of a design.

Please read and pray.  Thank you!


Lucinda Berry Hill, author of “Coffee with Jesus”& “A Second Cup with Jesus” © 2015

I’m sitting in this hospital bed looking for a pen.

I asked for my phone, some number, and oh yes,

My glasses.

But how could I forget a pen and some paper?

I am a writer, after all!

So I pray.

I pray that God will help my daughter sleep.

That she won’t feel tears in her eyes like I am,

And wonder where they’re coming from.

But that He’ll give her peace and help her sleep.

I pray that my husband will be comforted.

I know being in this hospital must bring back memories

Of the last time he saw his beautiful mother.

I pray for the person out in the hall.

Whoever works a mop at 12:00 at night needs prayers.

How do I know it’s a mop?

I’ve been professional cleaning for over 27 years.

I know a mop when I hear one.

And oh, those trash bags!!!

So, I pray for them.

Maybe they’re paying for college,

Maybe their little ones are home in bed.

Maybe they like the night shift.

Praying for all possibilities out in the hallway.

I hear someone nearby faintly crying.

I pray for their comfort

And the comfort of their loved ones at home.

I pray for my mom, 400 miles away;

I know as a mom now myself, she’s hurting.

I pray for her comfort.

I pray that maybe my night in the hospital

Will reunite some estranged family members.

I wonder what’s going on with me.

Is God gonna make me better than I was when I came in?

Will I have my strength back,

Being able to live a better and more vibrant life than before?

And then I wonder,

If it were my time to go,

(I’m sitting by myself in a hospital bed, of course I’m gonna go there)…

And I say yes!

My daughter is my main concern,

And if I don’t have her covered,

I can rest assured my God does!

She couldn’t be in better hands.

I know she will have a beautiful life.

Maybe not with beautiful things and people,

But with God’s beautiful,

With love, joy, peace and hope!

And then “she” enters;

A pretty young girl coming to draw more blood,

Part of an every 2 hour cycle.

And she asks,

“Do you need anything while I’m here?”

I said, with a giggle, “Do you have a pen?”

She did and said I could keep it.

Good thing, because I had a lot to write about and then

I prayed the Lord would keep her in His hands also.

I did a lot of praying that night

For so many people I didn’t even know;

And when in pain

I sang with Jesus.


Lucinda, this is my favorite writing to date!  You are in my prayers, sweet friend!  May God richly bless you!  ❤





How much do volunteers add to a hospital?

I was not the patient – therefore, I was the one who observed all of the little “extras” that went on behind the scenes.  What an eye-opener!

We always choose Branson, MO for our vacation destination for one simple reason – Southern Hospitality!  Branson has earned a blue ribbon as far as we are concerned.  The folks there have a genuine gift for displaying “down-home charm”.  Frankly, I always wondered if it was just “put-on” as part of their “show”.  After we spent a week in their hospital, I was convinced, these folks are not “put on” – they are the real deal.  They really care.

The volunteers at Skaggs Hospital go above and beyond the call of duty.  A few times during our stay I saw them make my husband smile.  That was priceless to me. 

I first noticed the volunteers while I was sitting in the waiting room.  A lady wearing a little blue jacket adorned with all sorts of pins and an identification badge came into the waiting room.  She was carrying a rather large basket.  It struck me as cute, because I’m sure the woman must have been a grandmother.  She looked happy and upbeat as she meticulously arranged the contents of the basket on a tray.  They were cookies!!! They were not cookies out of a package from the grocery store either. They were HOMEMADE cookies!!!  

My curiosity got the better of me and I had to go check them out and start talking to her.  She was more than happy to take a little time to talk with me.  She told me that every morning she brings in a large basket of homemade cookies for the families of those going in for surgery.  I could tell immediately that she understood how important the task she performed was, and how far-reaching it was. 

She said, “Folks who are waiting for someone they love to come out of surgery need a little taste of home, not some packaged cookies from the grocery store!”

What a sense of purpose.  Such a seemingly small thing to do – but wow, what an impact it made on those in that waiting room!  I got the sense that she poured her all into what she did.  She obviously loved and cared for others.  This was her mission and her way of showing love and concern for the families.  

Later in the week, another lady wearing a little blue jacket came into the hospital room carrying a guitar.  “Is there a song you would like to hear?”, she asked.  We requested a couple of hymns and as she played we listened.  We had a chat about music and she joked that what she did would be much more difficult if she had to push a piano around with her instead of carrying a guitar!  Again, the love was felt. 

The healing properties of love outweigh any other medicine known to man.

All of these “little things” added up to one very successful outcome!  Healing through positive feedback and prayer – and love.  Just love.

Since we were there for such a long while, I silently watched the interaction between the staff and the volunteers.  There was a mutual respect that I had never seen anywhere else.  The doctors, nurses, volunteers and other staff – they had a common goal and worked together to meet it.  Their main goal is to help the patient heal.

Their secret weapon to make that happen was…  love!!!

Everyone at Skaggs in Branson was wonderful, but the volunteers in blue jackets were my favorite!  They made the entire experience bearable for us. 

One positive stepping stone at a time, we keep walking.

Thank you to the ladies in the blue jackets – you made everything better!

I wish you joy for your journey today…  and love.  Just love. ❤