Pardon me if I’m about me today – but I have such good news to share!

If an anonymous comment goes unread, is it still irritating?  – Brandon Specktor

I got such a great report from the eye doctor yesterday!  Each year I walk in his office with a prayer running through my head – “Please God, let there be no retinopathy.”  For twenty years I’ve enjoyed wonderful reports and he always says, “If I didn’t know you had diabetes, I would not be able to tell by looking at your eyes.”  I have one thing to say – THANK YOU, LORD!

All the glory belongs to God.  As I said not long ago, it’s sure not due to my wonderful A1c, as it was a whopping 9.3 at my last appointment – yikes!  I’m now taking 40 units of Levemir every night – and my fasting blood sugars have lowered substantially – I’ve written them down for the past couple of months.  I’ve had nothing over 170, but this morning it was 80.  So, this is truly a balancing act.

I had a chiropractor ask me once why I don’t just lose all my excess weight and get rid of diabetes.  Hmm…  I never went back to his office.  I wonder why?  Newsflash…  when I hit my goal weight, I’ll still be a diabetic.  Yes, a controlled diabetic – but it will never go away.

Fitness – if it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body.   – Cher

A big thank you to everyone who sends me messages of encouragement – facebook, twitter, email – the prayers and uplifting words really help me as I walk this path.  When you send encouragement, I find the next stepping stone.  I appreciate your prayers on my behalf.

Everyone has challenges in life – and I guess diabetes is mine.  It gets so frustrating because I go along thinking everything is fine – I’m eating right, exercising and drinking plenty of water, but check my glucose and it’s too high!  Or, as it was this morning – I think I’m in the normal range and check my fasting glucose and it’s down to 80.  I’ve stopped trying to apply logic to something so illogical.  I don’t try to explain why it’s high or low anymore.  I just try to fix it.

So many things affect blood glucose levels.  I understand that it’s more than just eating, exercise and water consumption.  Overall health and stress levels have an effect on it.  Are you good at avoiding stress in your life?  It’s tough, but I’m working on it.


Today I just need to praise God for His blessings in my life.  I’m so thankful for good eyesight and no signs of retinopathy!  It’s a big deal – and a big blessing.  There are three things I want to avoid on this journey – kidney problems, nerve damage and blindness.

Twenty one years…  and I’m still truckin’ along.  I guess God’s not finished with me yet.  🙂






We recognize November 30th as NATIONAL METHAMPHETAMINE AWARENESS DAY, in order to generate awareness about the damaging effects of meth abuse on individuals, families and American communities.

A picture says it all.  I watched this and cried.  I’m not just sad, I am mad!  The dealers are getting rich, knowing they are systematically killing their customers.  It’s blood money, but in most cases the dealers are just as hooked as the customers.  Where does this end?

Meth labs are in decent neighborhoods.  Some people move many times in an attempt to escape drugs.  A friend told me there was a meth lab about a block away from their house – in a small abandoned cinder block house.  Meth makers are like rats in the dark.  They wander around looking for an empty building to inhabit.  They’ll use any kind of building and they don’t care if there are children playing next door.  Actually, they count that as a bonus.  Dealers have no conscience and will get anyone at any age hooked on meth.  Remember, if they’re making their money that’s all that matters.  They don’t care where the kids get the money (they often steal it from their parents).  Meth dealers are selfish and destructive.

Even if a person moves to a so-called “upscale” neighborhood there is no guarantee there will not be drug dealers close by.  Some of the more affluent areas are where the high schools seem to have the worst problems with drug use.

Some things are simply out of our control.  All we can really do is teach our children about the evils of drug use and warn them about what could happen in their high school.  We pray over our neighborhoods and our schools and hope the kids listen to our advice.

If you have a neighborhood watch or a homeowner’s association, make sure they are on board with drug issues – on the lookout for any suspicious behavior and ready to report it to the authorities.  At any cost we need to protect the kids as much as possible.

Unfortunately, addicts often become thieves in order to afford their expensive habit.  Please see this link for common sense advice about displaying wrapped gifts in front of open windows.


It’s tempting to have your beautiful Christmas tree displayed in a large picture window with presents underneath.  Think about how tempting it would be for someone to smash your picture window and take the gifts.  Even if you feel secure in your neighborhood this sort of burglary can happen.  Addicts will do anything to get the money for their next high.

I pray for the ones who are addicted – and for the ones who fund their habit by selling to children.  I pray for the children who are tempted to try drugs or feel peer pressure to give in to temptation.  I pray for our neighborhoods – that God would bless us and protect us from this evil behavior.  I pray for the rehab facilities set up to help addicts and that the addicts would see their need to take advantage of those facilities.  I pray for the 12-step programs offered in churches.  May they help many addicts in Jesus’ Name.

This is the day we recognize the problem exists, raise awareness and remind each other that we need to be more vigilant about where our children go in the neighborhood and who they hang out with.  We love our kiddos and want to protect them.

Leave me a comment here if you vow to never try any drugs.  By leaving a brief note such as I PROMISE, you are being proactive in your determination to stay away from this temptation.  I hope after reading this post you will take a moment to leave a message.  I promise to pray for you – that God will help you to keep that promise.  ❤