MATTHEW 7:25 ON 7/25

TL MATTHEW 7 25 ON 7 25

 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.   – Matthew 7:25

Jesus closes the Sermon on the Mount by letting us know it’s not good enough to just hear His words…  they must also be obeyed.  He refers to the man who would hear and obey to a man who built his house on a rock, and the man who hears and does not obey to a man who built his house on sand.

Palestine was a land of hills and mountains.  It was subject to sudden and violent rains.  The Jordan became rapid, so the streams running among the hills, whose channels would have usually been dry, became suddenly swollen with the rain.  It would quickly pour down into the plains below, sweeping away everything, including poorly built houses.

If a house was built on sand or shaky base, obviously it would not stand.  The rising, bursting stream would cause the house to fall.  SPLAT…  as the song says!  Rocks in that country were common, and it was easy to secure them to build a solid foundation.  Those who are wise did so.

This was a comparison that every Jew could relate to.  They understood exactly what Jesus was saying.  If you are wise, you will not only hear the teachings, but obey them.  Foolish men will listen but not allow the words to speak to their spirit.

Just as they were given a choice then, we are given the same choice today.  We can be wise and obey the words of Christ, or we can continue in our foolishness.  Will we stand on the Rock or will we build on sinking sand?  🙂





My Lord is near me all the time.  What sweet assurance that is – and more so as time goes on.

There’s an old saying among Christians – to get to heaven, you gotta be paid up and prayed up. That’s always bothered me a little because God loves a cheerful giver and that doesn’t sound like a cheery attitude to me. It sounds less like love and more like duty. If we love the Lord we will do as we should because we love Him, not because it is mandatory. Some people think if they do more paying and more praying, it counts for extra credit in the after life. Um… nope – don’t think so, however, if you do extra credit work, it is not in vain because it ultimately helps you in your life here on earth.

Today I am thankful for God’s patience with me. He has forgiven me so many times, and He forgives quickly and completely. I need to be as good at forgiveness as God is! I want to be. I fall down and He picks me up and dusts me off and sets me back on the path. Thank You, Lord for being so good to me. You teach by example how we should treat others. Help me to do better.

In God’s Holy Word, The Bible, Jesus used a familiar phrase when speaking to people. He said, “He who has ears, let him hear.” He also used similar phrases that mean the same thing. All told, He tells His sheep to listen to Him 15 times in Scripture! I think He wants us to listen!

So today Lord – I thank You for being patient with me and I pray You would help me use those ears You gave me to hear You.

I’m so thankful for friends who really pray for me.  Please pray that God won’t give up on me. I pray that God will keep picking me up and setting me back on the path You want me to be on.



Anyone who knows me in “real life” knows that one day I would like to go to a beach, feel sand between my toes, hear seagulls and see (perhaps tour) a lighthouse or two. Here in Kansas we have the odd lake here and there, but it would be wonderful to see something besides wheat fields. The trip to the beach is on my bucket list.  And now a message from Madame B.

If you are able to stop and smell the roses, take a moment today to do it! Be thankful for all of your senses and be aware that you are blessed if you have all five of them.

When I was in high school I met a girl named Joyce. We were introduced through a mutual friend at a church meeting. Joyce was a happy, bubbly, cheerful girl with a positive attitude and it seemed as though she had life by the tail and knew how to control it. There was just one difference between Joyce and my other friends. Joyce was blind from birth.

She acted so independent I sometimes forgot she was blind, to be honest. I had to remind myself that if we went out somewhere, of course I would be driving! She had a German Shepherd seeing eye dog named Buckshot. Naturally he went everywhere with her. We got some strange looks in public when we walked in with Buckshot, especially in restaurants and at the movie theatre.

Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.
– Helen Keller

Today is CELEBRATE YOUR SENSES DAY!!! This is a day to appreciate your ability to see, smell, hear, touch and taste. I don’t take my eyesight for granted since I met Joyce – not because I had pity on her, but because I knew what beauty she was missing even if she did not.

Because Joyce was never able to see, her other senses were heightened. She often commented that she could hear my car or smell the sweet pea I wore before I rang the doorbell. At first that made me uncomfortable and I’d ask questions like “Did I put too much fragrance on? Does it bother you?” But I soon learned that it was not my excess that triggered her senses, but her ability to overcompensate for being blind.

Don’t take your senses for granted. Thank God for your abilities and for the senses you use to do what you do. ❤