I like to read the accounts of “ON THIS DAY”, especially on Throwback Thursday. I have a couple of groups on facebook and need conversation starters. There are some interesting facts to be found. For instance, did you know that on this day in 1888, Thomas Edison’s phonograph was introduced in London, England? An audio recording of English composer Arthur Sullivan’s “The Lost Chord” was played on it. That title cracks me up. I’ve played LOST CHORDS for years – what’s your point?

On August 14, 1965 The Beatles taped an appearance for the Ed Sullivan Show.

On the same day, Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe” hit #1 on the charts.

Remember THE SONNY & CHER COMEDY HOUR? I never missed that show – and they always sang I GOT YOU BABE at the end of their show.

On August 14th, 1873, “Field and Stream” began publishing. There were three things my dad always had available to read. His Bible, Mechanics Illustrated and Field and Stream. There was usually one of those magazines in the bathroom, also known as my dad’s library. That is all.

So many people just jump into life! They jump in and get messy and do what they do best and are successful. Some of us just sit on the sidelines and watch and cheer at the successes and cry when the legacy comes to a tragic end.

I don’t think God necessarily wants us to do something without counting the cost and certainly not without talking with Him about it first; however, we are not to just sit on the sidelines and be afraid to try. God gives us everything we need to succeed. He didn’t promise that we’d be rich or famous like these folks we talked about today. He promises to be there with us and go THROUGH life with us. 😉



I live in Kansas and have never seen the great lakes. To be honest, when I hear “Lake Erie”, an old song by Gordon Lightfoot pops into my head. Remember the song, “The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald”??? Yeah, there’s a line in it that talks about “…Takes in what Lake Erie can give her…” and that’s my experience with the great lakes. I hope that will change one day soon. It’s still on my bucket list.

But Lake Erie is not being very nice today. I’ve read about how Toledo, Ohio is having what they are calling a “water crisis”! Apparently, there was not enough rainfall and the algae has grown and now the water supply is not fit for consumption by man or beast.

We take water for granted, don’t we? I can’t even imagine having to go out and buy my water from the store like I do milk and coffee creamer. Since I don’t own the trucks or equipment necessary to help them in any tangible manner, I did what I knew to do – I prayed. I hope you will join me in praying for these folks. We can’t give them water to drink, but we can pray that the living water stay close by their side through this crisis.

One case of bottled water per family. I have a family of two and I know we go through at least two of those every day! The one sermon we hear preached to us by our diabetic doctors is that we need to hydrate! My prayers go with these people. I’ve never walked in their shoes and I can’t imagine being without water, especially in the summertime.

Dear God,
Please touch these families and bless them I pray. You alone know how to fix this problem and we humbly ask that You would do that for them.
In Jesus’ Name,
Amen. ❤




The cost of living is getting out of sight! It seems like we can’t afford to stay home, but with the price of gasoline we can’t afford to escape and go anywhere either! Some days you just feel like you can’t win either way, don’t you? Me too!

Tough times don’t last – tough people do!  – Unknown

Did you know that when we are at our weakest, God is at His strongest and that is when He wants to help the most? It’s tempting and human nature to want to stop praying when times are not good. We despair and decide that God has abandoned us and does not care about us anymore. That’s a lie the enemy wants you to believe – but don’t buy into that notion. God cares very much – keep praying and keep reading your Bible. There is a solution and God will take you to it.


More than once I’ve been at the bottom looking up and if I stay faithful to God, He works everything out. Once I had a refund check show up in my mailbox in just the nick of time. That is how God works. Now, I’m not saying He is a Santa Claus that you can take a list of stuff to and He will magically make them appear! That is not how God works. God does good things for His children because He loves us. If we are going through a difficult situation it could be because there is something we need to learn. Ask yourself what the lesson is. When you come out on the other side, that’s when you lift your hands and thank God for seeing you through and for making you tougher and wiser than you were before.

If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat, if your house is on fire—then you got a problem. Everything else is inconvenience. Life is inconvenient. Life is lumpy. Learn to separate the inconveniences from the real problems. You will live longer.   – Sigmund Wollman, quoted by Robert Fulghum, Uh-Oh, 1991

Humbly ask God to help. He loves you and wants to see you safely through your dark and lumpy days.