My mother used to tell me not to be such a worry wart.  I don’t hear that phrase used much these days.  Now people say “chill” or “no problem” to indicate they are not overly concerned about things.  Apparently, I am a worry wart.  Have you seen a wart?  They are not pretty, and we want to hide them.  Does it make a person ugly when they worry?  Does worry manifest itself in our appearance?  Does worry manifest itself in our health or lack thereof?

Maybe that’s why God wants us to have less fear and more faith.  He wants us to plan, but He wants us to include Him in the plan and rely on Him to guide us in the right direction.  We pray as we plan, trusting that He will help us in all ways.  Faith takes the pressure off of our shoulders – and lessens our fears.  When you pray instead of worry – what a difference it makes! 

In all matters – big and small – we seek God and trust His wisdom and His way to make things work out.  He’s so faithful to us every time.  Regardless of the problem, we know He will be there with us.  It’s been my experience that God’s way of working things out is so much more creative than anything I could think of.  So many times He has worked things out for me and I just smile and look up and say – “Lord…  I KNOW that was YOU!”  Don’t forget to thank Him and praise Him for all the great answers He comes up with!  ❤

God wants us to have JOY in HIM…  and if we spend our days worrying about things, it steals that joy!  Don’t worry about anything – pray instead because God is listening and He can be trusted to handle the issues in your life.  Trade your worries for His blessed peace.  🙂

Why worry?  If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better.  – Walt Disney

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.  – Leo Buscaglia

I made this facebook cover.  If you want less fear and more faith, please feel free to snag it and put it on your facebook page!  Have a wonderful week!  🙂





Throughout the Bible we are told what we need to do in order to get good stuff from our Heavenly Father.  These verses in Philippians are a perfect example of it – we’re told if we lay aside the temptation to worry and fret and pray instead, being completely honest with our Heavenly Father, through His Son, Christ Jesus – being careful to be THANKFUL for our lives and our blessings as we present our requests to God – then, and only THEN will God respond with what???  He will in turn give to us HIS sweet peace, which the world does not understand – a peace that will guard our hearts and minds in Christ. 

Is this bargaining?  No – it’s not.  This is obedience as we exercise faith and trust in our Father in Heaven.  When we delve into God’s Word and realize we have a choice to stress out, freak out, go nuts – OR hand our situations over to God (being careful not to take them back)…  it’s so freeing and I’m convinced it improves physical health in the process!  When God’s peace is added to our lives – what a difference it makes!

Our problems and struggles do not have to consume our mind.  Even though God knows what we’re facing even before we talk with Him about it, He still wants us to bring them to Him in prayer.  If you’re a parent and you know your child is hurting, it’s not enough to just know your child is hurting, is it?  You want your child to come and talk with you.  God’s our Heavenly Father and it’s the same principle.  Remember, He made human beings so He’d have companionship – friendship – relationship.  It’s only right that we let Him know what’s up in our lives.

Give Him your issues and in return He will give you His peace and He’ll work things out for you.  I’m always amazed at HOW He works things out.  No matter how many times I try to guess how He will work – I’m never right.  God is so much more creative than I am!  He’s so good to me – much gooder than I deserve, to be sure!  God is not a disappointment.  That’s not just an old hymn…  it’s the truth!  🙂






You know how I love marriage proposals!!!  Awe…

What is peace and how do we achieve it? In our own country alone, it seems we are more divided now than ever before in U.S. history. We seem divided by not only class and religion, but we seem to be revisiting the civil rights issues of the 1960’s. I am a child of the 1960’s and I remember the racial tensions and I was actually a victim of several beatings in my high school during race riots. It left some scars, but these things just take time and prayer. God can and has helped me.

So many divisions – yet we say SHALOM to one another. We say, PEACE ON EARTH, GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN. How dare we? This is not peace. Will it ever be? If so, how? God only knows. Ah… that is the key – GOD knows. I do not know how this thing called “life” on planet earth will play out. This I do know: with the Holy Spirit in my heart, He gives me a PEACE that passes all human understanding. It is my job to love everyone – no matter what. And if I get hurt in any way, it’s my job to forgive quickly and pray for the one(s) who hurt me. Then God can help me heal.

It’s my job to read God’s Word, the Holy Bible. I need to take in what it says and apply it to my life. It’s God’s job to guide me along that narrow path that keeps me safe from the ugliness this world has to offer. I just pray and read my Bible. It’s such a simple recipe for a life filled with God’s peace. It’s there for the asking. Ask God for His peace – not as the world gives – but His peace will be beyond anything this world understands.




One year ago today 27 tragedies happened in Sandy Hook. Yesterday another occurred in Colorado. This was just 8 miles from Columbine, another place of tragedy. There are so many more that you don’t hear about. There’s sickness, there’s sadness, there’s fear, there is anger, but thank you God, there is Peace in Jesus!
– Lucinda Berry Hill, author of “Coffee with Jesus”

I am a writer, yet today I can’t get my thoughts together about this most sad day. I cry for the families and I cry for the most recent victim in Colorado. I just this moment saw a post on facebook requesting continued prayer, as she is not doing well.

There are times when mere words fail.  This is one of those times.

I believe in God and that He has a plan. The difficulty is in wrapping my brain around the fact that tragedy could be a part of that master plan. I’m not questioning God – not at all. It’s just too much and it happens too often! I don’t understand the desire to kill anyway, but I truly do not and never will understand a young kid wanting to kill. Where did we go wrong?

This is not a day I wish to preach to anyone or point fingers or find a scapegoat or play the blame game. I would ask you to consider something though. Consider the “quality” of thought that kids cultivate today. There’s a term I’ve heard time and again – “garbage in, garbage out”. In other words, a person’s brain is like a garden and what type of fertilizer you use will either make a positive impact and you will have a wonderful, healthy garden – or you can put some cheap, substandard stuff on your garden, or maybe nothing at all. What kind of garden do you think you will end up with?

We have sought scapegoats for mass shootings.  In minority cultures, racial groups, and now the mentally ill.  When we are ready to accept that the demon is within us all, we can begin to treat the cycle of anger and suffering.  – Laura L. Hayes, P.hD, psychologist

Just some random thoughts on this day. This very sad day. 😦