“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”).  – Matthew 1:23

If God is with us, who could stand against us???  Indeed!!!

That truth alone should be enough – ENOUGH.  I could stop writing for today and that would be – enough.  It would be the shortest blog post ever…  but seriously, isn’t that all we need to know as we travel this journey called life?  from-christmas-to-forever-immanuel  I love how Lucinda made it personal at the end…  Me.  HE IS WITH ME.  There are most assuredly times when God seems distant and quiet.  But the teacher is always quiet during the test, right?  One day we look back on those times with a better understanding of things – not always, but usually.  We just keep trusting in faith that God knows best.  He is with us and He is taking care of us.

Let’s continue to praise IMMANUEL today!  He is worthy of our praise and worship.

Spurgeon sermons are great!  It’s true…  if God were not with us, we’d be – well – lost in a very literal sense.

Keep this truth in mind during the Christmas season and throughout the year ahead.  GOD IS WITH ME…  GOD IS WITH YOU.  You can be by yourself, but remember, you are never alone and therefore, I hope you are not lonely.  Christ is, by all accounts, the BRIDGE between God and fallen man.  No matter what question you may ask, Christ is the answer.  I pray your day is filled with wonder and that your eyes will be opened to new truths from God’s Word.

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If this post has brightened your perspective this Christmas season, please leave some love in the comments.  You will never know this side of Heaven how much it means to get positive feedback on a blog post.  It encourages my spirit to keep writing.  Thanks and God bless you!  🙂





TL 12-1 PREPARE YE THE WAY OF THE LORDHow are your preparations going?  We’re not finished yet!  Today, let’s do something to serve the ones in our home.  I hear you saying you do that every day – lol!  You may feel as though you serve those in your own household every day, but I want to invite you to take a look at the chores assigned to each member of your family.

Who usually feeds the pets?  Who usually gathers the garbage to go out to the curb every week?  Who is the one that cleans the toilets?  Ugh…  lovely chore there! 

Today I want you to do a chore that you don’t usually do – just take over and do it – no pomp or circumstance – and no announcement.  Just do it.  When you are asked WHY you did it – then you can let your family member know how much you appreciate them – and their faithfulness in doing that chore on a regular basis.  In my family, that would be followed by “Don’t expect it all the time, but…” 

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Do we tend to take our family members for granted?  Well of course we do!  When the trash gets taken out to the curb – it just magically takes itself out, right?  Stuff just happens – we each have our chores and that’s how life works smoothly.  This is just a little exercise to let your family members know they are appreciated.

As we take in the life and light of our Lord, may it shine forth in our attitudes and actions toward others, but especially in our own homes…  that’s where our mission should always begin – inside the walls of our own residence.

WRAPPED GIFTSGOD WITH US…  EMMANUEL.  He is our gift of hope in these uncertain and divisive days.  He loves every life – every soul is precious to Him – every one of us matter to Him.  We need to show appreciation for one another in our homes to begin with – then others around us – and finally to those who are a little further away – then we need to show the respect and honor to others that we want them to show to us.  Wrap a gift for other people and call it respect.  It sounds so very simple – why is it such a challenge?  :-/