And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.  – Ephesians 4:32

August 25-31 is BE KIND TO HUMANKIND WEEK!  If ever we needed to extend kindness and quite frankly, receive it…  it is NOW!  Can I get an AMEN???

A mom said YES when her daughter asked if she could wear her mermaid outfit to church.  How kind of her!  How many others were touched as a result?

GOD USED A MERMAIDSYCAMORE TREESCan a tree be kind?  If so, the humble Sycamore was kind to ol’ Zach that day when Jesus was in town!  Kind trees, and people, are more interested in the wellbeing of others in their realm of influence than they are in themselves.  After Zacchaeus climbed down from the tree, did you see it recorded in God’s Word that the tree began to boast and brag about its part of the story?  Did the Sycamore demand to be given a medal of valor?  No…  the humble little Sycamore just stayed rooted right there and felt grateful to be used by Father God in the story.THE FLIGHT OF THE HUMBLE BEEKind people are sensitive souls, but it’s better than having a hard heart.  Humble bees don’t wear their Christianity in an obvious way, but those around them know where they stand and what they believe.  They live their life quietly and walk humbly with the LORD.

TODAY IS TOMORROWKind folks keep lists.  Now, as they get older, those lists may get misplaced from time to time, but there’s always a list of tasks to do.  There’s always someone who needs to receive a call or letter – and certainly someone who needs a prayer said for them!ACCEPTANCEKindness means accepting everyone where they are.  God sees us and knows where we are and where we need to be heading.  He doesn’t point a crooked finger at us and start nagging – so why should we?ENCOURAGEMENTBeing kind encompasses encouragement.  It’s easy to say nice things to those we are comfortable around and are friends with, but what about people that you would not normally reach out to?  I challenge you to encourage someone you would not normally speak to, let alone encourage.GIVE YOURSELF SOME GRACEThis is the most difficult of all things…  know that God has forgiven you, and now…  forgive yourself.  Don’t let the devil rob you of the joy God wants you to have.  He will try to tell you that God didn’t really forgive you – because you can still remember what you did.  Well, yes – there are consequences for sin to be sure, but that does not mean that God didn’t forgive the sinful act.  Once you have forgiven yourself, you can be a more kind person to others.  That weight will be lifted and life will be so much better!SOME DAYSDon’t be afraid to take the risk…  we’ve all hidden in the ivy vine at one time or the other!  Sometimes the experience is enough to make you think, “That’s IT – I’m never going to try to be nice to anyone ever again!”  Well, just know that it’s not an attitude that comes from God.  When people stomp your heart and misunderstand your intentions, just back off and go home.  Have a good cry and pray to God for answers.  He will help you get your act together so you can get over the trauma of rejection and hurt feelings – and try again.  Folks in the world would say…  GET OVER IT AND GET ON WITH IT.  A SIMPLE LIFE

Keep living a simple life and walk humbly with your God.  Be genuine.  Be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit this week.  If you ask Him to bring others across your path, He will answer that prayer.  Be the person God wants you to be.  Put on the full armor of God, then pray and wait…  see what God has in store for you this week.  TERRI BOGGS ROWE QUOTE

My friend, Terri Boggs Rowe, not only spoke these words, but took the photo!  Is she talented, or what???  This is her husband and their daughter dancing.  Awe…  The first time I saw this picture, I have to tell you, tears came to my eyes.  How many fathers take the time to dance with their daughters?  The message here is, even in your own family…

Be ye kind.  If being kind works out for you all week long, why not make it a permanent lifestyle change?  Just a thought.  🙂







Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. – Plato

Today is NATIONAL WAIT STAFF DAY!!! I can’t think of a job I would dislike more than that of a server. I can’t imagine just how bad I would be – but I do remember that kindness covers a multitude of faults. I don’t know about you, but if a server in a restaurant is helpful and kind, I tend to leave a better tip. If I am unfamiliar with the restaurant’s cuisine, I often ask a server if there are any particular choices that would be low-carbohydrate and diabetic-friendly. If I get an attitude from the server then I get my dander up too – but if they help me I do my best to show how appreciative I am. Customers can tell if they are genuinely being served or not.

I’ve tried to live like waiters who enjoy work by doing it right.  Be generous.  Sing while you serve.  – Emily Winslow

True kindness is more of an art than a science.  Deep down, we all have a need to be understood, appreciated, respected and validated.  If we can just keep this one thought with us, we will be more kind than is necessary.  Our battles may be different, but the basic need is the same.  It’s crucial to genuinely love someone in the midst of their most severe storm.

There’s a sign I carry around with me – it’s in my mind.  It says, “Approach with extreme caution.”  I don’t know what someone else is going through at any given moment, or what chronic condition they are dealing with.

When I’m talking to you, I’m also talking to me. I don’t always call the wait staff by name, but I should make it a point to do that. Wouldn’t it be a better world if we all tried a little harder to be kind? You know, I’ve heard that you can kill people with kindness, but I’ve never known kindness to be a cause of death yet, have you? ❤



How much do volunteers add to a hospital?

I was not the patient – therefore, I was the one who observed all of the little “extras” that went on behind the scenes.  What an eye-opener!

We always choose Branson, MO for our vacation destination for one simple reason – Southern Hospitality!  Branson has earned a blue ribbon as far as we are concerned.  The folks there have a genuine gift for displaying “down-home charm”.  Frankly, I always wondered if it was just “put-on” as part of their “show”.  After we spent a week in their hospital, I was convinced, these folks are not “put on” – they are the real deal.  They really care.

The volunteers at Skaggs Hospital go above and beyond the call of duty.  A few times during our stay I saw them make my husband smile.  That was priceless to me. 

I first noticed the volunteers while I was sitting in the waiting room.  A lady wearing a little blue jacket adorned with all sorts of pins and an identification badge came into the waiting room.  She was carrying a rather large basket.  It struck me as cute, because I’m sure the woman must have been a grandmother.  She looked happy and upbeat as she meticulously arranged the contents of the basket on a tray.  They were cookies!!! They were not cookies out of a package from the grocery store either. They were HOMEMADE cookies!!!  

My curiosity got the better of me and I had to go check them out and start talking to her.  She was more than happy to take a little time to talk with me.  She told me that every morning she brings in a large basket of homemade cookies for the families of those going in for surgery.  I could tell immediately that she understood how important the task she performed was, and how far-reaching it was. 

She said, “Folks who are waiting for someone they love to come out of surgery need a little taste of home, not some packaged cookies from the grocery store!”

What a sense of purpose.  Such a seemingly small thing to do – but wow, what an impact it made on those in that waiting room!  I got the sense that she poured her all into what she did.  She obviously loved and cared for others.  This was her mission and her way of showing love and concern for the families.  

Later in the week, another lady wearing a little blue jacket came into the hospital room carrying a guitar.  “Is there a song you would like to hear?”, she asked.  We requested a couple of hymns and as she played we listened.  We had a chat about music and she joked that what she did would be much more difficult if she had to push a piano around with her instead of carrying a guitar!  Again, the love was felt. 

The healing properties of love outweigh any other medicine known to man.

All of these “little things” added up to one very successful outcome!  Healing through positive feedback and prayer – and love.  Just love.

Since we were there for such a long while, I silently watched the interaction between the staff and the volunteers.  There was a mutual respect that I had never seen anywhere else.  The doctors, nurses, volunteers and other staff – they had a common goal and worked together to meet it.  Their main goal is to help the patient heal.

Their secret weapon to make that happen was…  love!!!

Everyone at Skaggs in Branson was wonderful, but the volunteers in blue jackets were my favorite!  They made the entire experience bearable for us. 

One positive stepping stone at a time, we keep walking.

Thank you to the ladies in the blue jackets – you made everything better!

I wish you joy for your journey today…  and love.  Just love. ❤