Steph_AIGA_Holiday_Poster_2small_versionIsn’t this a beautiful design?  This was created by graphic designer, Stephanie Fong (http://www.jsfong.com).

Define WILD…  well, skunks are wild animals.  They are cute and furry, but don’t get them riled or they will leave you with a lasting impression.  Don’t hit them with your car or you will be sorry.  There are not enough tomatoes in the world to deal with the consequences.  Is that the kind of wild you want to be today???  I don’t think so.  Don’t be that kind of wild, brothers and sisters.  That just stinks and God won’t be happy with you.  It’s better to just be good to begin with and not have to ask forgiveness for being stinky.skunk-1239764_1280Is it wrong for Christians to have a little wild streak?  Can wild be used for God’s glory?  Well of course it can!  Have you ever watched wild mountain goats?  They live in those mountains and maneuver through them like it’s just no big deal.  Is there a mountain you need to climb?  Pray for strength from God and go for it today!  Accomplish that task that you have been too afraid to begin – because you know that with God ALL things are possible!  Even if you try and fail, it’s way better than not trying at all.mountain-goats-1156056_1920

Whales are so large and majestic!  You could live like a whale today.  Did you know that only 1/2 of their brain sleeps at a time?  They have to rise to the surface often to breathe, so their brains cannot be all the way asleep.  Talk about multi-tasking!  Maybe today you will be a whale of a go-getter and multi-task like crazy – how wild is that?whale-1149826_1920

Wild geese are so disciplined!  They eat a high protein diet and are very lightweight.  Coincidence?  I think not.  They also have those great waterproof wings that keep them dry and happy.  Maybe today is the day you begin to eat a more healthy diet, lose weight, don’t let things get to you so you can fly high!  wild-geese-1148899_1920Walking on your wild side is not just about changing your outward appearance!  Of course, that can certainly be a part of it – it shows you have a sense of confidence and a new positive attitude toward your life.  But the real changes – the real walk – happens on the inside!  Let God show you how life can be so much better than ever before!  Let Him break chains of addiction and lead you in a direction that brings the glory and honor to Him.  🙂