TL I AM DYSLEXICI was recently made aware of yet another trick my eyes play on me…  yeah – I really needed to add to that list.  My eyes apparently see small g’s and small q’s the same way.  Sound weird?  Oh – not to me!

I was supposed to type PLAGUE, as in the plagues of Egypt – but typed PLAQUE, which, unless I’m mistaken, is something people get on their teeth OR an inscribed commemorative tablet, usually of metal placed on a building, monument, or the like.


Dyslexia makes writing a real challenge, but it seems like I keep finding new twists and turns.  To be perfectly honest, I’m thankful somebody caught it and told me, but I had no idea my brain was this bad.  I try to be careful, I really try.  If you are dyslexic and get where I’m coming from, it’d be great to hear from you.  I knew I had some issues, but this is a brand new one.  Getting q’s and g’s mixed up…  huh.  Great…  just great.13102822_982147601892571_6280506427244160185_n

Why does God impress upon me to write when it’s such a challenge?  Maybe it’s His way of keeping me dependent upon Him.  When things come easily, we tend to think we’re doing them in our own strength.  It’s just a theory…  but dyslexia is the most frustrating condition to deal with.DYSLEXIA

I’ll scream…  and cry…  but I’ll probably get up tomorrow and write again.  I have to believe that God’s got His reasons for everything.  I don’t know why I see things differently than others do.  If I had the power to change it, I would.  I’ve done the best job I can do and leave the rest to the Lord – so please forgive my errors because I’m so very human.  🙂




Every right-wing, conservative, Christian in America is praying for hope and change in 2016.  No, not the fundamental transformation of the United States, but a return to the laws already in place that have not been enforced.  What a difference it would make if they would be.

There are a cast of thousands with their respective hats in the ring.  I’m not here to tell anyone who to vote for (like you’d listen if I tried), but I’m going to try to point one blatantly obvious fact out for you, just in case you missed it.

I hope Trump will continue to run under the Republican ticket.  If he runs under a 3rd party it will divide Republicans – split the party wide open!  This not only makes me nervous going forward, but it assures that we will lose the 2016 election.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.  Split the Republican party?  Yep – and it would leave the Democrats laughing at us…  saying, “divide and conquer!”  It’d be awful if the Republicans were divided.  We need to remain united.  I pray we do.

In a prideful and arrogant tone, he says he does not pray to God for guidance.  He speaks with great candor which is refreshing, however, he lacks any sort of filter (certainly not a Holy Ghost brand of filter), and that concerns me greatly.

Why does it matter?  It matters because no man should consider himself more intelligent than his maker.  If he does not seek advice from a higher power, then he obviously thinks he IS the higher power and knows all.

He’s mistaken.  I’m not trying to be ugly.  Actually I’m being just as tactful as I can be…  but the fact is, he is mistaken.  We need God in America again…  and in order to get God and His principles back in America, it would make perfect sense in my brain that a Christian should hold the office of president.  Ya think???

Regardless of his economic status, perhaps he does not realize the true scope of the problem.  No one should go around putting down their competition, boasting about how much better they are.  The last time I saw that kind of campaign, I was in elementary school.  I was running for a seat on safety patrol and my competitor told everyone that I stole Twinkies from the coat room from other lunch boxes during lunch hour.

That was totally bogus…  my mom always packed a great lunch with my own Twinkie!  It was immature, but we were kids, so…  And yeah – I lost.  LOL.  I survived.

If he really cared about the Republican party, he’d back off and cool it.  Will he run under a new ticket?  If that happens – we’re sunk.  Honestly, our party needs to get its collective act together.  I’m both mad and sad…

I have no other candidate to endorse at this point, but…  there are some fine Christian Republican candidates running…  ones who would lean on God for guidance.

As you contemplate the candidates, always remember that this is all God’s perfect timing, not ours.  In His time all things will be made known.  In His time we will be taken to heaven.  Remember to always keep Christ before you.


I want to encourage you not to choose a candidate to back with feelings of frustration alone.    Please pray about who you will vote for – I mean really pray about it.  Our country is at a crossroads – we need to get this RIGHT!  May God help each one of us as we do our part to regain what dignity for America we can.  🙂




10-12 THE D IN ME

Type 2 diabetes is a demon. It is an evil diabolical dictator that will have its way with you if you don’t stand up to it and fight every single day. To say I resent it is a gross understatement. I hate it with everything in me. – Linda Palmer


Today is MOMENT OF FRUSTRATION DAY!!! Today my frustration is with my type 2 diabetes. I’m not sure going outside at noon and screaming for 30 seconds will really help. LOL! I can imagine a neighbor calling the little men in the white jackets on me.

Some days I am just tired. There – I said it! I’m tired of the fight – I’m tired of being told by diabetes that I have to get out and exercise every single morning. Some days I just want to wake up and drink coffee and skip the exercise routine altogether. Does this make me lazy? Oh, probably – but that’s how I feel.

I had a very rotten attitude toward my workout today. The weather is changing. Our nice warm morning temperatures are quickly turning to nippy and chilly. I did not want to get out of my nice warm bed today to go out in the cold and walk. I did not want to then go climb on my bike (still half asleep) and ride for another half hour! This is the daily routine it takes to keep my blood glucose happy. But honestly, today my wanna just didn’t wanna do it!

Yes, I would like a little cheese with my WHINE… thank you! I can eat cheese – it’s low-carb!
Diabetes dictates my life – it HAS to in order for me to keep living a quality life. I have to move and I have to say no to the carbohydrates as much as possible. Diabetes does not take a vacation – and it will not let me take one either!

People who are not diabetic tell me all the time that they take little mini-breaks from their exercise routine to rest and relax mentally. I do not have that luxury. My disease is a control freak! It runs my life whether I like it or not (and for the record – I do not like it)! There are days when I just want to scream FOUL- and I guess this is one of them. It’s so unfair that a disease has so much power.

I could just ignore it – but what price would I pay? I could pay a very high price if I were to stop exercising every morning. Am I willing to gamble with my health. No. So – I drag my lazy butt out of bed and do what I have to do to stay healthy.

Where’s that cheese??? I’m almost out of whine. Wait – cheese is low-carb, right? 😉




Today is NATIONAL ESCARGOT DAY!!! Those of you who eat snails… Bon Appetit!!! I don’t happen to be into escargot, so I will put a different twist on things. I will talk about chronic pain and mobility issues.

There are days when it seems if I raced a snail, the snail would win hands-down (wait – do snails HAVE hands???) – hmm… anyway – I try to exercise some every day but there are times when it’s easier to stay in the recliner and watch TV. That also means I either have a heating pad or an ice pack against my lower back! I call those my “granny days”. They don’t happen very often, thank goodness.

I have a great deal more respect for snails and the pace they keep than I used to. The thought comes to me that if I just try to do something in the way of exercise, it’s better than doing absolutely nothing. Even if I have to take my cane, I try to go out and walk every day. The thought of losing mobility completely is frightening. Nobody wants that to happen, and so keeping relatively active is crucial to overall wellbeing.

So whether you decide to eat snails tonight, it’s okay if you walk at a snail’s pace. Just keep moving forward – that’s the most important thing! Keep walking – even if it’s with a cane. Those who walk with a cane are going faster than those still sitting in the recliner.

I have an exercise ball and thanks for the suggestions – but um… I think I’ll pass. LOL!!!

Unfortunately, being immobile can cause a great deal of frustration and depression. The last thing you want to do if you are depressed is isolate yourself from others. I understand that you don’t want to be less than your best around other people. Nobody wants to be around someone who is a “downer”, right? I’ve learned a valuable lesson this past year. If someone is a real friend, they are there no matter what. If you have a friend – a real friend like that, you are truly blessed!

I’ve joined a lot of groups on facebook. There are groups for nearly everything on there! I joined a group that talks about grief and another that focuses on chronic pain. We are just people trying to reach out and help each other. Sometimes if the pain is too bad at night, I get online and start chatting with some other poor soul who is unable to sleep. It helps to know you are not traveling the road all alone. I like the groups on facebook because they are made up of real people helping real people. I don’t think I’d feel as comfortable talking to a professional, and they charge money. Let’s face it, the groups on facebook are effective, and they are free.

Of course I talk to God. He is my source of strength and boundless humor always! ❤