Click image to enlarge have compiled quite a list of freebies and discounts for veterans and active military!  Check them out here:

November 11, 1919 was proclaimed the first commemoration of Armistice Day.  After World War II the name was changed to Veterans Day.

To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations…  – President Wilson

Originally the day was to be observed with parades and public meetings, along with a brief suspension of business beginning at 11:00 a.m.

These days we don’t see many parades or public meetings…  and nobody suspends business…  ever.  Today, businesses offer veterans discounts and freebies!

The idea is to show appreciation to a veteran – not just today…  but everyday!   It’s amazing what a simple THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE does for someone who has made a sacrifice for this country.freedom-to-praise-himThose who fought for our freedoms deserve our respect.

The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude.  – Jeff Miller


Honoring the sacrifices many have made for our country in the name of freedom and democracy is the very foundation of Veterans Day.  – Charles B. Rangel

Whatever your plans for today…  we do want to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!  We enjoy our freedom because of the sacrifice you’ve made.  🙂the-meaning-of-honor



tl-11-5-digital-scrapbooking-dayEveryone grieves differently.  Some folks want to lock photographs away so they don’t have to look at them and be reminded of their loss.  Others, like me…  well, we tend to invest time, money and effort into preserving photographs the best we can.  We realize that this is all that’s left to cling to of a simpler and perhaps happier time in life.

I was a traditional scrapper for years…  I didn’t say I was an organized scrapper.  I had a room that was set up just for scrapping.  There was room for a table and some plastic bins to keep my papers and other necessary tools in – and even though I was careful to pick up when I was finished, the room was always a mess!  I had ribbons hanging from spools and I just was not happy with the way the room looked overall.

I knew there must be a better way.  I looked into digital scrapbooking in the early 1990’s.  I weighed the cost – actual paper, frames, tools and the latest stamp from Stampin’ Up! was breaking the piggy bank.  I put an ad in my local newspaper and sold all of my STUFF for $500.  Yes, there really was that much!  My room was suddenly cleaned out and it even lightened my soul – I truly believe that!

I took the proceeds and invested in INK for my printer – THAT is the largest expense in digital scrapbooking!  There are literally tons of digital scrapbooking websites out there, and they all offer freebies.  I have not had to pay for backgrounds, papers or tools at all.  Of course, these freebies are for personal use only.  That’s fine with me – it’s my scrapbook and not for the world to see.  Would the world be interested?  Um…  probably not.  But here are a few nice designs that others made with SCRAPBOOK MAX!images-34

images-35untitled-6untitled-4That’s the same “leaf frame” I used in my banner today.


There is a one time expense to get a quality scrapbooking program.  I chose SCRAPBOOK MAX!


It costs $40 and has a few free sets included. You can add as many sets as you want, but I’ve not bought any additional sets.  I go on different digital scrapbooking sites and grab up freebies.  I have about 50 flash drives filled with free scrapbooking offers.  I also use cute stuff from Pinterest and pretty much anywhere from the internet – I’m not breaking any copyright laws because it’s just going in my personal scrapbook.  Who’s gonna know (or care)???

SCRAPBOOK MAX! will send you a CD which is helpful because there’s always a chance you can lose it on your computer.  Don’t ask me how I know that.  :-/  Yeah, I’ve had to re-install it a time or two.

Digital scrapbooking has eliminated the clutter around me.  It’s given me more freedom to create than traditional scrapbooking.  It’s the method I prefer to be sure.  I know a lot of women like to have stamps and scissors and paper and tangible materials around them, but I don’t.  I want flash drives in a basket that I can grab quick and use to create magnificent scrapbook pages.

It takes some time, but once in a while you run across a free set!  Yay!!!  Also, at, they help you find all sorts of digital freebies!  I have more time than money, so I don’t mind searching the internet for free scrapbooking elements and sets.


On a good day, you will find this:images-41

After you do your HAPPY DANCE – you download and leave some love for the nice people who made it FREE for the taking!  🙂

Lucinda wrote a poem about Jesus’ Scrapbook.jesus-scrapbook

We chatted a bit yesterday about this poem and she commented that Jesus’ scrapbook is probably not DIGITAL.  LOL!  I’m not sure that matters – as long as He has our photos and other good stuff in there, right?  😉

Our memories are worth keeping.  Some days, I just get my scrapbooks out and start looking through them.  They help me remember my family and friends.  🙂




TL GOOD DEALS FOR TODAYIt’s TAX DAY 2016…  I know – don’t get too excited.

I’ve been surfing the deals for today and found a few businesses that would love to have you spend some of your tax refund with them.

  • Great American Cookies – Stop by participating locations and grab a free regular chocolate chip cookie — no purchase necessary.
  • Staples – You can shred 5-lbs. of documents for free for another year at Staples.
  • Schlotzsky’s – All locations will be offering a free small original sandwich with the purchase of chips and a drink today.
  • McDonald’s – Buy one get one free French fries.  Some locations have free small coffee.  Some locations have 18 cent Big Macs & Quarter Pounders when you buy one for regular price.
  • Hard Rock Cafe’ – Tonight you can SING FOR YOUR SUPPER!  Sing your favorite song on stage and get a free Legendary Burger!  All ages welcome.
  • Boston Market – Get a half chicken individual meal with two sides, a regular fountain drink, cornbread and a cookie for $10.40.  You know, 1040 – like the name of the dreaded form…  LOL!
  • Arby’s – Free curly fries.
  • Olive Garden – Comfort food – that’s what you need during tax week. Olive Garden will give you a free take home entree’ with an entree’ purchase (dine-in only).
  • Outback Steakhouse – Free Bloomin’ Onion – when you mention Bloomin to your server. I recommend calling ahead to make sure your location is participating.
  • Kona Ice – Giving away free tropical shaved ice.  The company’s trucks will be parked at post offices, tax preparation centers and businesses nationwide, handing out free cups of shaves ice and complimentary Hawaiian leis.  Their moto this year is NO TAXATION WITHOUT RELAXATION THIS TAX SEASON.
  • Sonny’s BBQ – Half price Sweet & Smokey or House Dry-rubbed Rib Dinner.
  • Sonic Drive-In – Half price single patty cheeseburger.

Hopefully there is something here that you can take advantage of today!  Saving money after paying taxes is as American as apple pie!  If I can help you do that, then my day has not been wasted.  🙂





My group on facebook, A Second Helping of Wellness…  with a Dash of Humor & a Pinch of Faith – has come through again!  Last Monday I asked them to share their best shopping tips with my blog readers.  In this economy we all need help – at least I know I do!

  •  Coupons! Always coupons! And if you have a coupon that doesn’t have a specific size and it’s not on sale, always get the smallest one. It saves you more per ounce.
  • Beware of freebie sites on the internet.  Once I joined one of those and requested a few things and my computer ended up with all sorts of problems.  Is getting a virus on the computer worth getting a few freebies sent to my door?  No.
  • Be cautious about where you get coupons online for the same reason.  Some sites are notorious for either swamping your computer with spam or sending viruses.  Again, weigh your options and you’ll find it’s not worth the grief.
  • Keep in mind that Walmart has price matching.  If you see an item advertised elsewhere for less money, clip the ad and take it in to Walmart.  When you check out, show the cashier the ad and they will honor that price.
  • Try RedLaser to scan bar codes while you shop.  It compares prices at nearby stores so you can find the best deals.
  • Do you make several trips to the pharmacy?  Next time take a look around while waiting for the medicine.  Often the prices on nonperishables like crackers are lower than grocery stores.
  • Staple items like cereals, flour, rice and coffee are often less expensive at Supercenters like Target or Walmart.
  • There are cooking websites that allow you to type in the ingredients you have on hand.  The sites generate recipe ideas using only those foods so they don’t go to waste and you don’t have to make an extra trip to the store.

  • Remember that frozen foods are just as nutritious as fresh.  When your favorite vegetables and fruits are out of season, you can find them at the frozen food aisle.
  • If you go to a farmer’s market just before it closes, the sellers might be willing to negotiate prices on items they don’t want to haul back home.
  • Sales run in six or eight-week cycles.  Scan circulars for deals on foods that won’t expire, and buy enough to last a month or two until the next sale.
  • A lot of times, I see something I really like in store, but can’t afford. I go on Ebay and often find it for a fraction of the cost, even with bidding wars. Eg: Lacoste polo shirts usually $90+ in store ~ I can find them for around $15 including shipping for like new, pre-owned on Ebay.

So you see, it really is possible to save at the store if you can wind your way around all the hype and see your way clear to the common sense ways of saving at the grocery store.  🙂