If Jesus wore a name tag, what would it say???  Lucinda Berry Hill reminds us of the beauty of Jesus.



It’s NAME TAG DAY, a fun little celebration of your one and only means of identification – your name.  I suppose there is rank and serial number, but it’s not often I’m asked for those things.  Usually it’s just my name people are interested in having.

That might be a fun book to read.

Let’s do something fun today.  If you were given a name tag that said HELLO, I’M…  what name would you put on that name tag?  Just imagine you could be any name for today.  What name would you write on that tag?

From our ancestors come our names, but from our virtues our honors.   – Proverb

When my parents were deciding on a name for me, they asked my Aunt Mary for suggestions.  I loved Aunt Mary because she was a bit of a free spirit – something I’ve always been too shy and backward to be.  She just did what she wanted to do and sort of flew by the seat of her designer pants.  I admired that about her and always wanted to be just like her.

She was around movie stars all day long back in the 1940’s, doing their hair and hearing all about their exciting lives.  Wow, I sure would have loved to visit her there.  I never got to do that.

Anyway, she suggested that my folks name me SAMANTHA SIMONE TURNER.  Her suggestion was vetoed and I was named LINDA LOU TURNER.  It’s a down-to-earth, sensible name.  I was told a gazillion times that the name LINDA means BEAUTIFUL in Spanish.  Well, there are worse names, right?

Pen names are masks that allow us to unmask ourselves.  – Terri Guillemets




I mean absolutely no disrespect to my very sensible parents.  You know I love them dearly.  There are a gazillion women named “Linda”.  But just for today, I believe my name tag will have the name SAMANTHA SIMONE on it.  If you call me by that name I probably won’t respond – LOL…  I mean I’ve been plain old Linda Lou for over 50 years, so…

Hey – it’s all for fun, right???  Wink!  😉




My mom was a huge fan of the man and his talent – not to mention the absurdist show ever!  He was the mature version of Elvis.  I was a big Elvis fan and I admit some of it was the capes and rings he wore.  Mom had the same interest with Liberace.  She was always anxious to see what over-the-top outfit he would be wearing.  The funny part was, he never apologized for the extravagance.  He encouraged his audience to “notice” him and his flashy, expensive costumes.  That is why he was called Mr. Showmanship.

Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons. You will find it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body.  – Oliver Wendell Holmes

I would describe “Lee” (as his friends called him) as dazzling.  He was witty and always laughed at his own jokes.  And it was obvious he was very sure of himself at the piano.  He was a child prodigy – there was never a doubt about that.

Music has been my playmate, my lover, and my crying towel.  – Buffy Sainte-Marie

I recently read an article by Mike Walsh, who was fortunate to see one of Liberace’s shows.  Take a look at his fascinating article.

The program Bio has a nice tribute to the late Liberace.

I really like that piano-shaped swimming pool – how cool!!!

With all the glitter, expensive gadgets and gizmos and yes, a piano-shaped swimming pool, was he happy?  Well, I’m not so sure he was.  I really think he was happiest when he was on stage entertaining.  He always looked truly happy when he was entertaining.  It’s almost as though his audience was a guest list – like he invited each person into his home to entertain them.  That was a special gift.  It was certainly more than a job for him.  His act was flamboyant and obviously in your face, but still a class act.  When he had a TV show, my mom never missed it.

There are many wonderful performances uploaded on You Tube.  I suggest you go there to enjoy his unique style and flair at the piano.

Class, glitz, glamour and a great deal of humor.  We miss you, Mr. Showmanship!   ❤