Do NOT try to get between me and the Sandman…  don’t even try it.

Today do you feel a little jet lag?  We set our clocks ahead one hour, we lost an hour of sleep.  We showed up at church in desperate need of a nap, eagerly awaiting that Sunday afternoon nap.  Did you get one?  I know, me neither.


But guess what today is?  It’s NAPPING DAY!  Of course my priorities are perfect because I took my nap first and wrote about it later – LOL!  I have my hour back – yay!  We really need to get plenty of rest, and naturally that starts with getting to bed at a good hour and sleeping for around 8 hours.

There are 3 types of naps.

Planned napping (also called preparatory napping) involves taking a nap before you actually get sleepy. You may use this technique when you know that you will be up later than your normal bed time or as a mechanism to ward off getting tired earlier.

Emergency napping occurs when you are suddenly very tired and cannot continue with the activity you were originally engaged in. This type of nap can be used to combat drowsy driving or fatigue while using heavy and dangerous machinery.

Habitual napping is practiced when a person takes a nap at the same time each day. Young children may fall asleep at about the same time each afternoon or an adult might take a short nap after lunch each day.

 No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.  – Carrie Snow

Daylight Savings time is wonderful – and I wish we didn’t have to “fall back” later on.  But I don’t make the rules.  The older I get, the more I need consistency in everything, including my sleep patterns.  Sleep is probably the most healthy thing we do.

  • Naps improve your mood and performance
  • Naps reduce the risk of death from heart-related problems.
  • Naps as long as two hours a day by the people of Spain


The hour I lose from daylight savings time will now be multiplied by six as I try to change the time on the clock in my car.  – @ROBDELANEY on Twitter

I don’t like being a crabby old lady and I sure don’t want to die because of lack of sleep.  I decided to play it safe today and sleep for a while.  I don’t take two-hour naps, but I did sleep for about an hour.  Now that I’m retired, I nap habitually.  I sleep for about 20-30 minutes every afternoon.  It makes me much MUCH easier to live with!  Wink!  😉





I try not to think about the bad days – the sad days – the anniversaries that muster up all sorts of images in my mind that I wish would just go away forever. I can’t help it. For the past 25 years, November 4th has been a dark, sad, gloomy day for me. My father lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on this day 25 years ago. Time does not heal all wounds. I still hurt and expect I probably always will.

This year was better for a couple of reasons. I was busy on vacation so my mind was not able to “dwell” on things. Staying busy is very important at these times. Many people feel the need to get back to work after loss for this very reason. There is something blissful about jumping back into a routine. There is something about regaining some sense of “normalcy” that helps the hurt. Finding your new “normal” is one of the biggest challenges after experiencing loss.

God takes such good care of me emotionally – I just have to praise Him for that! We traveled over 1,200 miles to get back home! We felt exhausted both mentally and physically. Even when you take breaks on a road trip, there is still a certain amount of fatigue associated with vacation – especially the ride home. It takes forever to get home!

We walked in the door and I headed for my favorite chair. I missed that chair! I’m not sure why I was ready to sit down after being in the truck all day, but anyway – there I was! Larry came in with a week’s worth of mail. There were bills – well of course there were bills! Duh! But I spotted something different. There was a manila envelope mixed in with all the others. It was for ME – just ME! I don’t mean to sound immature – but I never get mail! It was not addressed to Mrs. Larry Palmer. It said Linda Palmer. Then I looked at the return address. It was from my friend, Lucinda Berry Hill! Well my spirits lifted immediately!

I whispered a prayer – “Thank You, Lord, for my very good friend Lucinda!” It was Christmas for me. I could not wait to open my gift! Dare I hope that it was… could it be??? It WAS!!! She sent me one of her beautiful napkins with her lovely poem monogrammed on it! I had seen photos of them, but honestly once I saw it for real, it is simply stunning! The best quality available. What a wonderful reminder of the fact that we serve a risen Savior. God is not dead – He is ALIVE! And – He is in control of everything.

Suddenly it dawned on me that my dad is with Jesus. How could I possibly be sad about that? Thank You, Lord, for taking such good care of my dad. Thank You for Your plan of salvation. Thank You for the sacrifice You made for all of us because You love us so much!

If you would like to have one of these beautiful napkins, go to to order. Imagine how stunning they would look at your women’s ministry Christmas function. I can envision these adding just the right finishing touch to a Christmas high tea. In our church we have a Christmas tea and quilt show. How ideal to have Lucinda’s napkins as part of the décor.