Dick Van Dyke is uninjured after his Jaguar caught fire while he was driving on a Los Angeles freeway.

I read that he was laughing and cracking jokes with the off-duty firefighter that pulled him from his burning car!!! This man is amazing – and what a great attitude he has!

I agreed with his thesis that God was not an all-powerful “cosmic superman” looking down from the penthouse as much as He was Love.”  – Dick Van Dyke, My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business

There is an old saying that you will reap what you sow. That does not mean that bad things will not happen, but it does mean that if you are living right (good clean livin’), when those bad things do happen, God is going to take care of you.

You can spread jelly on the peanut butter but you can’t spread peanut butter on the jelly.
– Dick Van Dyke, My Lucky Life in and Out of Show Business    

This is the most clear-cut example of the rewards that come with good clean livin’ that I’ve ever seen! I have been a fan of Dick Van Dyke’s for decades! While I don’t want to portray the man as a saint, I would be very quick to say that he has always entertained us with no hint of compromise on his part. His integrity and moral judgment in choosing roles has always been above-board. Not many people would take the time to thank him – but I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU, Mr. Van Dyke – for being the funniest entertainer ever – and keeping it clean and wholesome without getting downright cheesy.

I am so glad he was not hurt! Thankful too for the guys who stopped to pull him to safety! God surely had His hand in it – no doubt!

May God continue to send His angels to watch over you!




You know, I really feel sorry for the generations that did NOT get to hear then president Richard Nixon say the words, SOCK IT TO ME.  Back then we not only laughed at ourselves, but we laughed at life in general and yes, we laughed at the government, including the president – and he laughed with us.  Then things went south, but we won’t discuss that.


Last night I made the most wonderful low-carb sweet potato casserole in my 9 x 13 glass dish.  As I took the dish out of the oven and set it on the stove top, it literally exploded into a gazillion tiny pieces!!!  I was not cut and thankfully I was wearing shoes.  There was glass all over the place – it flew into the dining room!

At that moment I had two choices – I could cry or I could laugh.  As I cleaned up the mess, I just started laughing!  It wasn’t a cheerful giggle, but a malicious sort of bwahahahaha type of laugh.  Why is it that most of my trying moments happen in the kitchen?  I’m not a bad cook, but weird things just seem to happen in the kitchen for some strange reason.

It takes self-discipline and effort to laugh at yourself sometimes.  Remember the movie “The Money Pit” – when Tom Hanks (his character’s name was Walter) poured a bucket of water in the bathtub and the whole thing fell through the floor and broke in a gazillion pieces below?  Remember how he just stood there, shocked, peering through the gaping hole in the floor – then just started laughing like a crazy person?  I can relate to that – can’t you??? 

Sometimes life hands you tomatoes and you have to make salsa.  Stand there, chop the tomatoes and make the salsa.  Learn to laugh at situations when you really just want to cry and have a meltdown or something.  Whatever happens today, laugh at the situation and at yourself.  You’ll feel better if you don’t take yourself so seriously.   🙂