I know it’s Monday and you might be tempted to call in and skip work.  I thought I might give you a few suggestions about the excuse you give.  These excuses didn’t work the first time, so chances are they won’t fly a second time either:

  • My false teeth flew out the window while I was driving down the highway.
  • I quit smoking and I’m grouchy.
  • My favorite football team lost on Sunday, so I needed Monday to recover.
  • I received a threatening phone call from the electric company and needed to report it to the FBI.
  • I got lost and ended up in a different state.

And while I’m giving you Monday morning advice – let me tell you what NOT to say to the officer who pulls you over for speeding this morning:

  • Officer, I was speeding because I hit a skunk a few miles back and I was trying to outrun the smell.

Yes, folks – that’s a real excuse that my husband, a former officer, heard from a guy.  Actually, it did work because it made my husband laugh – he did let the guy go.

March is NATIONAL CAFFEINE AWARENESS MONTH!!!  My question is…  can one consume too much caffeine on a Monday morning???

Wow – there’s something to think about.

What is your Monday morning source of caffeine???

It’s amazing how quickly an office full of people can go through one pot of freshly brewed coffee.  There are other sources of caffeine besides coffee though – I know it’s hard to believe, but it seems there is a new trend toward those energy drinks – like Red Bull.

A few years ago there were several reports of deaths from over consumption of energy drinks.  Apparently the caffeine over stimulated the heart, causing death.  I haven’t heard any of those stories lately – and I’m not sure if it’s because young people have gotten smarter or the stories just don’t make headlines anymore.  I’m sure there is still some pending litigation.

Caffeine is a drug – a stimulant!  I know if I have too much caffeine and then don’t have any for a while – I get a huge migraine headache.  Excedrin Migraine (which, interestingly enough, contains caffeine) is the answer for me.  Weird though – I have to take the migraine pill – I can’t just load up on caffeine from any other source – that makes the headache worse.

A girl I worked with used to have a diet Dr. Pepper every morning of the world – that was her caffeine source.  A lot of people choose pop instead of coffee for their morning fix.  I used to walk in to work every morning with my large refillable mug of coffee from the QT.  There’s no way I was going to throw stones at the pop drinkers I worked with.

I have a flirting acquaintance with diet pop.  In my mind I know it’s not good for me – it’s got all those chemicals I can’t pronounce and is sweetened with aspartame to boot.  It’s unhealthy bad stuff – but I go back to diet Dr. Pepper time and again.  I quit and say I won’t drink anymore – but once in a while I just have to indulge again.

The main sources of caffeine for me are chocolate, coffee and diet Dr. Pepper…  oh, and Excedrin Migraine when I get a migraine headache from withdrawal.  Am I aware of caffeine?  Yeah, I think it’s safe to say I’m quite aware of it.  🙂