Will your Christmas be melancholy or holy???

A non-Christian celebrating Christmas will surely feel this sense of melancholy about Christmas! A Christian who is not “plugged in” to their source, Christ, through daily Bible study and prayer, can easily fall into the same worldly trap! The whole premise of commercialized Christmas is to make you discontented. Think about it! These advertisers WANT and NEED for consumers to feel as though their life would not be complete without their product! You simply can NOT have a Merry Christmas without (fill in the blank).

Remember the mob mentality of Black Friday? Well, a non-Christian buys into it (pardon the pun) because they can’t see beyond the carnal. Their stuff and getting their stuff on sale means everything.

Whether it is a piece of fine jewelry or a certain brand of toilet paper, the psychology of advertisement is the same. Present the product in the most attractive light possible, using only the most adorable children with the most together-looking family available! If the reality approach doesn’t “get ’em”, be prepared to pull out the really big guns – make cartoon characters that are so cute and cuddly, you could not possibly turn away from the advertisement or the product! And of course there’s always the oldest trick in the book – sex sells. Yep – sad but true. Millions of girls in my generation bought Herbal Essences Shampoo and conditioner. If you remember those commercials from the 1970’s, then you get my drift.

Christmas commercialism in particular is designed to stir up this kind of melancholy and restlessness in us. Yes it is mean and cruel to be sure, but business is business. The bottom line is the bottom line. It’s all about the money and unfortunately, Christmas is the marketing hoop-la time of year.

I’m not fussing at Christians. This is just a friendly reminder to everyone (myself included) that we have a choice to either allow this flood of advertisements with the warm fuzzy appeal to cause us to feel less than perfect in our own lives, or we can delve into God’s Word, The Holy Bible. Take a look at the book of Luke. I can think of a lot of products that the Holy family could have used. There are a ton of things the Welcome Wagon could have taken them! But you know what? They were not sad or melancholy in the least. They were blessed and favored of God. It was a difficult journey to be sure, but God watched over them. He saw them through and His plan of salvation began with the birth of His only Son, Jesus!

Transform melancholy into Holy. Ask God to help you! 🙂




Christmas in the secular progressive world is a lot of smoke and mirrors. It is blown out of proportion and a great deal of hype with very little satisfaction in the long run. It’s a season of tacky over-indulgence. It’s an excuse to go big and be loud and put a decoration on everything that will stand still – and a few decorations on things that won’t stand still. For example, my neighbor likes to dress her little dog in Christmas sweaters. I appreciate that she wants to keep her pet warm, but the poor baby looks as though it’s heading for the North Pole to pay Santa a visit! I have no evidence of this, but I suspect the dog has more sweaters than the owner. Hmm… what’s wrong with this picture?

Over the top decorations and happy happy happy emotions that are based on nothing. I find it interesting that non-Christians are celebrating a Christian holiday in a pagan fashion. How empty their souls must feel. What foundation is set? Oh yes, toys for children and adults alike. But the toys will break or rust. They celebrate not the birth of a Savior – but the brief moment of happiness they can bring to a child with a toy or two. It could be so much more than that, you know. Christmas for a Christian is not fleeting. For us, it is year-around because we have accepted Christ into our hearts and lives – not just at Christmastime, but for all time.

Do you want the faith, hope and love that only Christ can give you?  Would you like to recalculate your course? You can. It’s simple.

Take a moment to meditate with God’s Holy Word, The Bible. Listen to this recording of the book of Luke or read it for yourself and think about the account of the birth of Christ, the Savior of the world. Let the truth sink deep into your heart – into your spirit. Then you will understand the depth of what this Christian celebration is all about! Meditate.  Then recalculate in prayer… Christ is waiting.