This is what Easter is all about.

Today I have a tale to tell of an Easter egg hunt that was, shall we say…  memorable.

I’m trying to remember what year this happened. It must have been the early 1990’s because my husband and I were attending a Nazarene church at the time and I was teaching a children’s Sunday School class. Pastor Chris was our pastor. The church was in a really good place then. Everyone was so enthusiastic and vibrant and growing by leaps and bounds! They needed volunteers to go out and hide the plastic Easter Eggs during the children’s church hour, so when I got finished playing the piano, I slipped out to play Easter bunny.

It had rained the night before, but Easter Sunday morning was beautiful! The sun was shining and it was a perfect day for an Easter Egg hunt! The church had about a half-acre of land just to the South of the parking lot. There was a small piece of land to the West and the driveway took up most of the East side. The large piece of property was almost useless because there were sand burrs growing there. That is not something you want to explain to the children’s parents – how their child got sand burrs on their socks during the Easter egg hunt!

I was careful to stay in the area that was not burr-ridden! I was trying to hide the eggs in plain sight so that the little kids could see them too.

As I was finishing up (I had only 3 eggs left to hide), I felt the heel of my new white shoe sink into the ground! It was stuck for sure! How do you stand in the middle of a side yard with your heel sunk in the ground and still look cool? The answer: You don’t!   Wink!  😉