Hey Рtoday is INTERNATIONAL EAT AN APPLE DAY!!!  Most fruit is nutritious, but apples have a great calorie / nutrition ratio! Make sure you keep the skin on it because if you peel your apple you lose all the healthy fiber. We all know fiber is our friend!

It’s almost necessary to be a science major if you are diabetic. There are so many variables with the food choices! The more fiber food has, the more desirable it is even if there is sugar in it. The fiber counts in the plus column and overrides the sugar. Protein works the same way. If I have enough protein next to the sugar, it counteracts it. Ah – I think I’ve got it! In other words, even though an apple has natural sugars, it also has enough fiber to make the sugars “legal”.

The humble apple is often overlooked as a snack for diabetics, as are other fruits. According to my doctor, grapes are probably the worst fruit to eat for a snack, but she says apples are one of the best. So I try to eat an apple a day. I actually told my doctor I was going to eat an apple a day in an effort to keep her away. Strangely, she did not take offense to my comment. Hmm…

Obviously, I will not recommend that diabetics eat apple pie, but hey, get real – we’re all thinking it, aren’t we? This is one of my favorite sugar-free apple pie recipes.

I always use the most cinnamon possible because I like a more spicy apple pie. As I watched that recipe on YouTube, guess what it made me want to do? Yep – I’m gonna have to make it!

Here’s one last video – this guy can eat the whole apple in one bite! Seriously – do NOT try this. It looks painful! :-/