I want to quickly acknowledge Pearl Harbor Day and thank our wonderful Veterans of WWII for their service.  Since I wrote about it last year, this year’s post will be about a different subject, but ironically, I will talk about my mother and her beautiful handwriting in the 1940’s.

My handwriting will never come close to the work of art that mama’s was.  As I read through the letters she wrote to my daddy while he was serving in the Navy, I can only close my eyes and imagine her sitting at her roll-top desk thinking about the man she loved and smiling as she wrote.  I don’t handle those letters much anymore as I’m afraid they will begin to crumble.  I know what is in them though and they are precious to me.

Today is WRITE A LETTER DAY.  We have all gotten so spoiled by the ease with which we can communicate electronically.  In moments we can shoot an email or send a text.  The sheer convenience is astounding – who would NOT get hooked on it?  Well, my mom was never tempted by computers.  At 82 years old, she summed up her feelings about computers:

I’ll never own one of those machines.  They will eliminate all common courtesies in life, such as a hand-written thank you note, a well thought out love letter, or the precious keepsake that is a hand-written recipe card for your mother’s favorite casserole.  – Betty Joe Turner

She meant what she said.  Maybe I’m biased (ya think?), but I think she’s right.  We have lost some common courtesies along the way.  I was thinking about the last note I sent – it was a get-well note to my best friend.  I could have whipped out a Hallmark greeting card on my computer, but I just felt led to make it a hand-written note.  There’s something about a person making it their own, with their own handwriting.  It means more.

So today, think about a letter you could, or should write.  There’s no better time than now to sit down at your desk with a pen (make sure it works), stationery and a cup of coffee to keep your brain firing as you write!

If you can’t think of anyone to write to, may I suggest that you pray about it.  God will surely bring a friend or loved one to your remembrance.  There’s probably somebody who needs to hear from you today.  Of course, if you mail that letter, they won’t hear from you today – but you know what I mean. 

Remember all the little things you learned back in handwriting class (or maybe they don’t teach it anymore) – elbow on the desk, paper slanted and hold the pen loosely so you don’t get writer’s cramps.  Don’t just write with your fingers – use your whole arm.  If you use the proper technique, you won’t get so tired.

I’ll never have the handwriting my mama had – it was really cursive – like drawing on paper.  I have a sort of write some and print some type of deal going on.  LOL!  But I keep practicing and trying to write like mama did.  ❤

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