It’s time to start a new hobby or learn that craft you always wanted to master.  How great would it be to help kids at summer camp this year with crafts?  There are also some senior centers that encourage creativity and they would surely appreciate help from volunteers.CREATIVE BEGINNINGS

Wow – Lucinda captured so many creative possibilities here!  Painting walls, flower arranging, writing, music, woodworking, yarn work, painting on canvas.  Isn’t the important message the fact that it’s a new day and we get another chance?  That’s the part I like the most!  🙂

What factors should be considered as you consider the endless possibilities?  I think my first question would be, how much will this project cost?  If you’re on a shoestring budget like me, you don’t want to have to buy a whole bunch of materials or equipment.  Let’s face it, there’s a possibility that you either won’t be good at it or you may not enjoy it like you thought you would.  If you don’t have a lot of money invested, you won’t feel so guilty about walking away from it.

It’s not limited to crafts – being creative could be something as simple as committing to workout three times a week.  Creating a healthier you is definitely a creative beginning.

Have you ridden a horse?  You never know if you’ll enjoy it until you try!  Many places offer riding lessons that aren’t too expensive.

Do you have an interest in music?  Maybe you’d like to be musically creative and take some piano lessons.

Some people have a real eye for photography.  Maybe it’s time to buy a good camera and start taking those great shots.  Choose a subject to photograph and focus on it – (no pun intended).

Count the cost for your creativity and make sure it’s something you have an interest in (or think you do) When you’ve decided what to do, schedule the activity and buy the items you’ll need to be a success.  We should make creativity a sort of second nature in our lives because it keeps life more fun!  When we use our imaginations to troubleshoot our way through challenges, it’s so much more interesting.

Even if you’re on the fence about what to do, find some friends (partners in crime) to try it with you.  If the new activity doesn’t work out for you, at least you’ll have your friends to giggle with you – and really that’s all that matters.

One May I thought it’d be nice to learn sign language.  There was a class at a local church, so I got a couple of girlfriends to go with me – and sadly, I was not good at sign language, but since I didn’t dive in by myself, it was fun anyway.  I had my friends to laugh with.

Your Creative Beginnings month project may be the start of something very exciting in your life – or if you decide to help children learn something new – or help senior citizens learn something new – you may make some very good friends for life.  The influence you have on others may not seem like much to you, but it may mean the world to them.

Ready…  Set…  BEGIN!  🙂




Plaster of Paris is a quick-setting gypsum plaster consisting of a fine white powder known as calcium sulfate hemihydrate. It hardens when moistened and allowed to dry. Plaster of Paris is prepared by heating calcium sulfate dehydrate or gypsum to 120 to 180 degrees.

It is called Plaster of Paris because gypsum was early on used near Paris to make plaster and cement. Common uses for Plaster of Paris are making casts to immobilize broken bones while they heal, and crafts. I have fond memories of the late 1960’s which happen to be built around Plaster of Paris. Good memories, thank goodness. No broken bones needed mending.

I was so small when I was introduced to my mother’s craft craze, so what I share is going to be in snippets, but there are sights, sounds and definite smells about Plaster of Paris. They are unique and distinct. Once you have experienced Plaster of Paris at any age, you don’t soon forget it.

Our neighbor, Mrs. Harris taught the housewives on Charles street how to make home décor with Plaster of Paris. I was not old enough to go to school yet, so I got to go along with mama for classes. I remember Mrs. Harris having a ton of white molds hanging all over her craft room. I think the area she used for crafting took up most of the square footage of their house! She used to make the best Toll House cookies and gave me as many as I wanted with a big tall glass of milk. But I digress… back to the craft day.

Mama started out making wall hangings. Plaster of Paris nowadays is odorless but trust me, back in the old days is was not odorless! It reminded me of the times we went to the beauty shop for mama’s perms. It’s a smell that is like no other. If I smelled it again I’d know immediately what it was. Once it was mixed, they poured the plaster into the mold and inserted a wire hook at the top so it could hang on the wall. Then they waited a while for the plaster to harden. That’s usually when a lot of the women would join me in the living room with coffee and cookies.

When the molds were removed they had a white plaster base on which to create. Mama did one set of vases in black with gold specks on them. They used spray paint to cover the entire piece and that was another unique smell, but at least they went outdoors to do that. I’m trying to remember how they put the specks on the pieces but I can’t quite remember that. I think she may have put gold paint on a paint brush and shook the brush toward the piece to make the specks.

I’m sure it was a reason to get out of the house and be creative. Don’t we all need to do that once in a while?

I don’t think my angels are worth a lot of money, although the chalkware made in the 1910-1940’s for use as prizes at carnivals is now quite collectible and worth a lot of money. It’s considered folk art and is unsophisticated but a popular collectible these days.

Plaster of Paris is popular in homes still today, although it is much more advanced than the tiny hangings the neighborhood women got together to make.

The angels my mama made for me hung over my bed from the time I was four years old. Now they hang in my house to remind me that I was loved dearly. No, they are not valuable on the market, but they are worth more than anything to me. ❤