Today I just want to remind you that life is short and you need to get busy making memories. I could stop there, but that would be the shortest blog post ever! You know better, right?

We are a family of two – my husband and myself. Of course our dogchild, Casey counts too. We find so many fun things to do every day. We have enjoyed our retirement very much and it seems like there is a new adventure just waiting around the corner.

We have been to many states and seen so many things. Making memories is a priority in our house. We do stuff and capture the memory with a camera – and I scrapbook it!

I’m not a parent, but if I was a parent or a grandparent, you know what I’d do? I would keep a notebook full of cute things my kids or grandkids said or did! It sounds like a lot of work, but I really believe that children are so sweet and so innocent. Art Linkletter had the right idea when he made the show “Kids say the darndest things”. It’s so true! Keeping those “darn” things they say and do close to your heart by writing them down will help you through the more difficult days ahead – the tween and teen years! There will come a time when those sweet little children will not be so sweet and innocent.

When you are planning activities for your family, keep your children’s personalities in mind. When I got dragged to the skating rink with my cousins I was not a happy camper at all. In fact, I used to take a book and sit at the side of the rink with all the “parents”, read and have adult conversations with the adults while my cousins were doing the limbo and acting crazy.

Just take some time today to love and appreciate your family. Family is forever, but time passes quickly. ❤




If you have 5 good friends in the course of your life, that’s a good thing! People will come and go and not all of them will stay – and not all of them are keepers. When I am a friend, I try to be a good one. I pray for my friends and help as much as I can. I take friendship very seriously and expect nothing less from my friend.

Friends are the family we would choose for ourselves if we could. They are the people who are honest with us when no one else is. They are the ones who tell us when we have a price tag hanging from that new Christmas sweater at church (yes, that really happened – sigh).

I feel free to share nearly anything with my best friends. I ask questions of them that I would not ask anyone else. When I’m crying, they cry with me. When I’m laughing, they laugh too! We don’t hide emotions. There are no masks between me and my best friends. If I hurt them – they forgive quickly. If they hurt me, I forgive quickly. We work it out; then we move on.

Sometimes friends get called away for mission service or God has another place for them to serve. It’s painful to lose friends but with Skype and other technology, it’s easier to let them go, and of course we know that God has a great work for them to do.

The reality check I need comes from my best friends. They keep me grounded when I think too much of myself or my abilities. They encourage my spirit when I feel lower than a snake’s belly. Sometimes it cuts like a knife to hear the truth from them, but I know they tell the truth and I love them for it.

Iron sharpens iron… I believe in my friends and they believe in me. We all believe in GOD and that makes all the difference! ❤



Well, HAPPY MUTT’S DAY!!! There’s nothing quite like adopting a pet from a shelter. It’s a heart-warming feeling, knowing that you have made life better for one animal. No, I can’t adopt all of them – but if I adopt one and you adopt one – then we can work together to make all animals safe and happy. We can give one animal a good home.

On this day I want to encourage everyone to consider adopting a pet instead of buying one from a store. I know the chances of finding a “pure bred” dog at a shelter are slim to none, but I believe that a mutt is the best kind of pet to own. I’ve owned pure bred dogs with papers and all that, but they seemed to have their share of issues. There are so many animals in shelters who need a good home and if I can rescue one of them – I will.

I think this is something that is mandatory these days, but once you have adopted a pet, please see to it that you have them spayed/neutered. Please Be a responsible pet parent.

Casey is now 10 years old and just a happy little fella! I would not use the word “SPOILED” but I’m sure some others would use it to describe him. He’s brought such joy into my life. I cannot imagine living without him.

The ASPCA is in need of financial support to help animal victims. There are so many abused animals that need to be saved from abusive homes. They don’t have a voice, so we have to speak up for them. For $20 a month or whatever you can afford, the resources to help them can be obtained. I’ve never had human children, but I’ve had my share of animal babies. It breaks my heart that some animals don’t enjoy a good life like my Casey does.

If you own a mutt, today is the day to dote a little more! Have a wonderful Wednesday!   🙂