Doris Roberts was born Doris May Green on November 4, 1925.  She was a very talented actress, receiving five Emmy Awards and a Screen Actors Guild award during her acting career, which began in 1951.  She’s best known for her role as Raymond Barone’s mom on the popular sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, which ran from 1996-2005.  Doris died on April 17, 2016 at the age of 90.  I have seen her through the years on several programs, including a role as Jessica Fletcher’s cousin on my favorite show, Murder, She Wrote.


Does it crack anyone else up that the interviewer didn’t know what a SECOND BANANA was???  Sheesh…  even I know what that means.

In my opinion, Doris Roberts was not a second banana!  If she was in a movie or TV show, you knew it would be a good, wholesome, clean, funny program.  It would be something that you would not have to watch with the kids in the other room.

Here’s a filmography of Doris’ movies:

  • 1976 – A NEW LEAF
  • 1976 – HESTER STREET
  • 1979 – ONCE IN PARIS
  • 1979 – THE ROSE
  • 2001 – MY GIANT
  • 2001 – ALL OVER THE GUY
  • 2006 – GRANDMA’S BOY
  • 2009 – PLAY THE GAME

I think even more than her commanding presence, I will miss hearing her unique voice.  She had the kind of voice that was so recognizable – if I heard it on TV but was not in the room, I knew immediately who was speaking.561px-DorisRobertsApr2011

By Angela George, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15088513

There were funny women in her generation for sure…  she mentioned Thelma Ritter in that interview.  Also Mary Wickes comes to mind.  There were several “second bananas” back then – but to my way of thinking, they are funny top bananas!  Thank you, Doris Roberts, for leaving us funny moments on film because real life can be so very sad.  I will miss you!  🙂




A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP.  – Tweeted by Leonard Nimoy

His last tweet really spoke volumes about what life is and how it is to be treated and cherished.  To me he will always be Spock, the pointy-eared, smarter than anyone else alien from “Star Trek”.  I’m not a geek as some, but I did grow up watching my share of the show.

Mr. Spock & Captain Kirk January 12, 1968
Mr. Spock & Captain Kirk
January 12, 1968

Spock is definitely one of my best friends.  When I put on those ears, it’s not like just another day.  When I become Spock, that day becomes something special.  – Leonard Nimoy

It was strange to see the familiar Spock break out into a more comedic role, but of course, he did that well too.  With that stature and voice, there was nothing he could not do well.  He truly did live long and prosper!  It became a sort of mantra for his life.  It was at the end of his tweets – LLAP.  One could tell that he had a zest for living and enjoyed the trip.  From his famous quotes, we can tell that he had a deep compassion for others.

 The miracle is this – the more we share, the more we have.  – Leonard Nimoy

He was not just a good actor, he was completely believable, which, considering that he played an alien in a sci-fi program for so many years, is high praise indeed.  I was drawn in by his even-toned voice.  It was calm and convincing, yet commanding.  He had a very distinctive voice and manner – not the pushy actor type you sometimes see.  He seemed to lack ego about being a public figure.  Fame was not what it was about for him.  He seemed to genuinely enjoy his craft, and he did it quite well.

I believe in goodness, mercy and charity.  I believe in casting bread upon the waters.  – Leonard Nimoy

It seemed he always gave the very best to his audience and managed to have some fun in the process.  He made it look so easy, when I’m sure it was a great deal of work.  I know how difficult it is to memorize a couple of sheets of music for a recital.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to memorize lines as an actor.  He just seemed to love what he did.  We should all love what we do in life, shouldn’t we?

Whatever I have given, I have gained.  – Leonard Nimoy

May we all adopt such a philosophy toward life.  Rest in peace.  I will miss you. 






Well – it is Christmas Eve 2014!  Everyone has their own traditions, but this year I highly recommend you include this  movie in your plans.  This movie is my pick for sure – Marlo Thomas is one of my favorites!  The charitable work her father started and she has taken over is so heart-touching.  This movie is a bit of a tear-jerker, but I believe a good Christmas movie usually is, don’t you?

This film is from 1977, but has always touched my heart.  It’s a retelling of the great movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”. 

It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.  – W.T. Ellis

Put on your Christmas Eve Jammies and fuzzy socks, grab some organic popcorn and favorite diet soda.  Curl up and enjoy!  Go over to You Tube and watch “It Happened One Christmas”.  I’ve been told to post the links here would violate copyright laws.  Bummer.   😦

 Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.  – Janice Maeditere

Of course we remember that the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the real REASON FOR THE SEASON, but at the same time, we need to take some time to relax and enjoy a good movie that helps us open our hearts.  There’s nothing to put life into real perspective like a classic Christmas tale.

I watch Christmas movies this time of year like most men watch football – hey, it’s my addiction!  Have a blessed Christmas Eve everyone.  Open your heart and show some love.  ❤

If you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift, may I suggest a new devotional book by Lucinda Berry Hill?  Everyone needs a new devotional book to begin the new year!


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Well, @#$%^&*()+{:”>?!!!!!

Oh, pardon me… this IS a Christian blog, after all! What was I thinking??? 😉

Speaking of punctuation… oh, weren’t we? Well we should be since today is PUNCTUATION DAY!!!

Punctuation errors are probably at the top of most writer’s lists. Hidden verbs are at the top of my list, and I’m so thankful to the proofread feature here on WordPress for catching those errors, but punctuation is probably the next problem area for me. It can be tricky, especially if I’ve written all day long and begin to go into auto-pilot typing mode. Sometimes the concept overrides the construction, whether it be a poem, prose or blog post. When I have an idea and feel confident that it’s a winner, I just begin to type without much thought about punctuation. That’s why it’s a very good idea to edit everything you write very carefully.

My best friend is the humble coma. I tend to overuse it, but without a well-placed coma, you could end up with a reputation you don’t want. Remember the famous cover from “Tails” magazine?

“Rachael Ray finds inspiration in cooking her family and her dog.”

Um… she cooks her family and her DOG? Imagine the surprised looks on the faces of all those animal lovers who saw that statement on the cover of the magazine! A couple of comas could have saved her reputation! I’m sure her reputation was not really harmed. I’m just kidding.

Or, see the difference between, “Let’s eat, grandma.” and “Let’s eat grandma.” Hmm… shall we barbecue her or fry her on the grill?

Remember Victor Borge’s Phonetic Punctuation?  Here he is with Dean Martin:


I’ve tried to use phonetic punctuation, and it is much more difficult than it looks! Victor really made it look easy, but people like Sam and Patrick are keeping this great form of communication alive and well. I think that’s great!

Well done, Sam and Patrick! I’m so glad to see that these funny comedy skits are not fading away. That would be a real shame. Keep the good clean comedy alive and well!

Yeah, you’re making the sound for that exclamation point, aren’t you??? And for those question marks too.  😉



August 13th 1997 was South Park’s TV début on Comedy Central.   I’m less than impressed with South Park.

Foul language does not shock me. If you use it to my face, I won’t look at you with my mouth gaping open and my hand covering it – you will, however, get my UGLY look. Trust me, if I give it to you, you will know you are getting it!

People who choose to use foul language strike me as unimaginative, uncreative, uneducated, undignified and possess very little command over the English language. A truly funny person does not have to lean on that weary crutch to get laughs. The test of comedy is to leave out the offensive word. If the word is left out, is the joke still just as funny (or maybe even funnier)? Then why stoop to that level?  Comedians refer to this brash type of comedy as EDGY. I think it just STINKS.

There are a handful of comedians who have not caved under the pressure of those who choose to take EDGY AVENUE. Of course my mind goes back to the day of Minnie Pearl and Archie Campbell. Yes, I really liked Hee Haw, I admit it. But that was the kind of comedy that required some real talent. My favorite bit was when Archie told the story of Rindercella, but I like all the bedtime stories for adults.

A real comedian is one who knows their strengths and weaknesses. They capitalize on both because they rely on intellect. There is still an audience for the people who choose to take the high road and be funny without using foul language. It’s just not needed!

I’m thankful for comedians like Archie Campbell who used pure talent to make people laugh.

The words you say are either a gift to the recipient or they equal stinky, breath-stealing mildew. Words are important; they matter. I get that they have a “Constitutional right” to say what they want, but I wish comedians would just make me laugh without making me want to hurl. :-/



Aging is something out of a Stephen King novel!  Scary does not begin to describe it.

From a very early age, I wanted to be scared.  I think that I wanted an emotional engagement with something that was safe, something I could pull back from.  – Stephen King

Today is DARE DAY!!! I feel as though Mother Nature has just issued me the greatest dare of them all: I DARE YOU TO GROW OLD GRACEFULLY. You know what? I’m gonna take her on – I’m sure gonna do my best to accept that dare and be the most graceful old lady ever!

I’d rather have a few laugh lines than worry warts!  – Unknown

My mother used to tell me it was her greatest wish to “grow old gracefully”. If my mother was alive today, I would ask her to have a seat on my sofa and I would apologize to her for not being a better friend to her as she got older.

I would tell her – “Oh mom – NOW I understand how you felt! I know not only the physical symptoms (which are horrific) but also the emotional symptoms that you try to stop in their tracks, but somehow can’t.”

This is nothing like anything I’ve experienced before in my life. I want to tell people, “Please PLEASE have patience with me. This is unfamiliar turf – uncharted territory!!! I’ve never BEEN this old before, so I’m not very good at it yet. Give me a little time to adjust. I’ll do better, I promise!”

I’d like to go see this show!

Back in the 1990’s, doctors could hardly wait to put their menopausal patients on hormone replacement therapy. They were chomping at the bit to shove those drugs at you. But over the past decade, doctors have realized that these treatments were causing more harm than good for their patients. My doctor is flatly refusing to discuss hormone replacement therapy with me.

I wish I could carry a sign around with me that says, “If I am cranky please forgive me – I just lost my entire supply of estrogen and did not realize how important it was – until it was all gone!”

Estrogen must have kept me sane and emotionally balanced. Again, roughly ten years ago, it seemed that estrogen was the proverbial “fountain of youth”. They have completely changed their opinion about that as well. In spite of books, such as the popular book written by Suzanne Somers entitled, “Sexy Forever” which opened a new discussion about the more safe alternative called bioidentical hormone therapy. From all I have read and heard, this is a good alternative for a woman who has a great deal of money to spend. Women like me can’t afford to go that route.

This does not sound like something that would be covered by my insurance plan. If you are a successful actress, then go for it. If you are a plain person like me, then perhaps a better alternative is to just ride the wave and try to keep a positive attitude . That, by the way, is easier to say when I am not in the middle of a hot flash! Wow – would somebody please get me out of this toaster??? Excuse me, but there is a volcano erupting inside me – could somebody call 911???

I’m beginning a brand new chapter in my life. I don’t know what to expect because I’ve never been here before. I want to walk through the door with my head held high, a positive attitude and a lot of cold water! That’s the plan – to grow old gracefully!

True style is timeless. Jackie O taught us that, didn’t she???

Class and grace never go out of style at any age.  I’m young at heart, just older in some other places! I’m glad I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to get older because many are not given the privilege. Thank You, Lord!