Aging is something out of a Stephen King novel!  Scary does not begin to describe it.

From a very early age, I wanted to be scared.  I think that I wanted an emotional engagement with something that was safe, something I could pull back from.  – Stephen King

Today is DARE DAY!!! I feel as though Mother Nature has just issued me the greatest dare of them all: I DARE YOU TO GROW OLD GRACEFULLY. You know what? I’m gonna take her on – I’m sure gonna do my best to accept that dare and be the most graceful old lady ever!

I’d rather have a few laugh lines than worry warts!  – Unknown

My mother used to tell me it was her greatest wish to “grow old gracefully”. If my mother was alive today, I would ask her to have a seat on my sofa and I would apologize to her for not being a better friend to her as she got older.

I would tell her – “Oh mom – NOW I understand how you felt! I know not only the physical symptoms (which are horrific) but also the emotional symptoms that you try to stop in their tracks, but somehow can’t.”

This is nothing like anything I’ve experienced before in my life. I want to tell people, “Please PLEASE have patience with me. This is unfamiliar turf – uncharted territory!!! I’ve never BEEN this old before, so I’m not very good at it yet. Give me a little time to adjust. I’ll do better, I promise!”

I’d like to go see this show!

Back in the 1990’s, doctors could hardly wait to put their menopausal patients on hormone replacement therapy. They were chomping at the bit to shove those drugs at you. But over the past decade, doctors have realized that these treatments were causing more harm than good for their patients. My doctor is flatly refusing to discuss hormone replacement therapy with me.

I wish I could carry a sign around with me that says, “If I am cranky please forgive me – I just lost my entire supply of estrogen and did not realize how important it was – until it was all gone!”

Estrogen must have kept me sane and emotionally balanced. Again, roughly ten years ago, it seemed that estrogen was the proverbial “fountain of youth”. They have completely changed their opinion about that as well. In spite of books, such as the popular book written by Suzanne Somers entitled, “Sexy Forever” which opened a new discussion about the more safe alternative called bioidentical hormone therapy. From all I have read and heard, this is a good alternative for a woman who has a great deal of money to spend. Women like me can’t afford to go that route.

This does not sound like something that would be covered by my insurance plan. If you are a successful actress, then go for it. If you are a plain person like me, then perhaps a better alternative is to just ride the wave and try to keep a positive attitude . That, by the way, is easier to say when I am not in the middle of a hot flash! Wow – would somebody please get me out of this toaster??? Excuse me, but there is a volcano erupting inside me – could somebody call 911???

I’m beginning a brand new chapter in my life. I don’t know what to expect because I’ve never been here before. I want to walk through the door with my head held high, a positive attitude and a lot of cold water! That’s the plan – to grow old gracefully!

True style is timeless. Jackie O taught us that, didn’t she???

Class and grace never go out of style at any age.  I’m young at heart, just older in some other places! I’m glad I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to get older because many are not given the privilege. Thank You, Lord!