The March church steeple is speaking. It says we do not need luck to get through this life. We do need the Lord. We need His strength, His guidance and especially His mercy. His love is overwhelming in my life and I’m sure it is in yours as well.

I’d like to post Joni Eareckson Tada singing the title song from the movie, “Alone, Yet Not Alone.”  Due to copyright laws, I can’t do that – but please go over to You Tube and listen to this wonderful song.  She does a fantastic job on it.

If we are, as I suspect, in the last days, then there might be a good reason for me to be looking up and hearing God’s still small voice when I see a beautiful steeple.

At no time in history have Christians needed to support each other. There is a definite attack on Christian values and morals. Bonding with like-minded friends is imperative today. That is one of the reasons I began writing a Christian blog. I realized that there is some “heart-hunger” in the Christian community. We all need some “iron-sharpening” and encouragement from time to time. We gain that through Bible study and prayer, of course; but also through Christian friendship. Lately I’ve read about a form of discrimination toward a Christian artist that disturbed me greatly.

When a Christian singer is nominated to receive an Oscar but then the nomination is revoked, that’s a message. I would not consider it persecution, but it’s close. It is that type of situation that tests our motives. Why do we do what we do? Is it for the glory of God or is it to get a man-made prize? If we’re able to say it is for God’s glory, then God is pleased and the devil gets a black eye.

It is my hope and prayer that we will lean on God more for proper attitudes and actions in our lives. May we not depend on luck or superstition, astrology or charms to determine the outcome of our lives. Only God knows our future and only He can help us live the very best life possible. Any life lived separate from God is less than the life we could have.

Be committed to your daily devotional time. It’s not a game, but prayer and Bible study are powerful tools in this day and age. ❤





I am obsessed with steeples on church buildings. Strange? Well, maybe. I grew up in the baby boomer 1970’s generation. In our youth group we used to point up and say, “ONE WAY”! We looked up for inspiration and guidance and I don’t apologize for that. It was not unusual to see my friends stand up in Sunday night church to testify that God kept them from getting high the week before. Our generation kept it real and we still just tell it like it is.

I believe steeples gently whisper to us with voices of hope. Are you listening to them? Can you hear the steeple telling you, “Look up! God is on the throne and He is in control of everything. He wants to control you and your life too, if you will let Him.”

Some steeples are constructed in four sections. From bottom to top: Tower, Belfry, Lantern & Spire. While the fancy ones are pretty, I also like the more simple ones. They don’t speak as loudly and they are not seen from as far away, but they are beautiful in their simplicity. They have a charm all their own.

Of course a church is not the building, but the people inside! I’m reminded of a little verse I learned as a child:


Some of you did the hand motions, didn’t you?

Christians see the steeples and we hear what they say and we see where they point. I’m afraid the world around us has gotten so used to seeing them that they take them for granted, or they just don’t care.

So hear me now. On the day when our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, breaks through the blue and snatches the Christians up in the twinkling of an eye – then the world will notice the steeples – then the world will hear them saying, “Here – this is the place where hope could have been found.”

That makes me very sad, because you see by then, it will be too late.

If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior today, please pray to Him. That just means you sincerely ask Him to forgive you of your sins and come into your heart to live. God loves you and wants you to belong to Him. Jesus died on a cross so you could spend eternity with Him. You don’t have to understand the why of it – you have to understand that you need to ask Jesus to be your personal Lord and Savior to make heaven your eternal home. You don’t have to beg Him – just ask and use that bit of faith to believe. God will do the rest – I promise.

Let me just say, while I have a thing for steeples on churches – that’s NOT what the church is all about! The church is made of people and is about people – period!

We talk about prayer a lot here. Praying just means you talk to God – and you listen for Him. Yes, He talks back but He talks to your soul. God does not want anyone to perish and spend eternity in Hell. He wants all to come to a saving knowledge of Him. I hope you will make Christ your King today.

Peace be with you. Show some love today. 🙂