Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.  – Abraham Lincoln

Look – we are not perfect (God knows…) and we don’t get it right every time.  We are so very human, but we have the nerve to be vulnerable and stand up to criticism every single time we put the pen to paper – or rather when we finally allow someone to read what we’ve written.  If you think that’s easy to do, think again.


A certain amount of backbone is essential to be a successful editor or writer.  As an editor, you are charged with making the writer’s work sparkle!  Once in a while you encounter a writer who denies they need any extra sparkle from the editor.  :-/  It’s a wonderful blessing to work with an author who is open-minded to suggestions you make.  Editors do their best work when they work with a writer who is flexible about their work.  Developing a mutual respect as you work together is so important.

Whether it is a song, poem or the great American novel, keep in mind that a writer pours everything into what they are trying to convey to the musician or reader.  Cut them some slack and ask yourself if you could do a better job.  Actually, if the answer is yes, maybe you should give it a go.

There are so many wonderful Christian authors out there who work hard to provide the highest quality books available.  They also had some amazing editors who gladly gave their work some extra sparkle.

The neat part about Christian writers and editors is of course, they follow Christ and His principles for living.  That means the books are truly a labor of love and written with much prayer behind them.  I believe that matters, don’t you?

We write to and for God.  He is the source of inspiration and our writing is a way of affirming the inspiration He provides while sharing His loving kindness with others.

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If you know a great editor or writer, give them a shout-out today!  I know a little blog does not seem like a big deal, but I still have to put an idea out there to be accepted or rejected – and nobody likes rejection or for their blog to be ignored and unread – it seems to be the ultimate waste of time.  It makes my day to see that fellow bloggers LIKE something I post.  I do a funny little happy dance.  No, I won’t post a video.

So – be kind to us because we’re really doing the best we can.  Thanks – and thanks for reading!  🙂