I like to think of chocolate chips as tiny little pieces of sanity.
– Linda Palmer

There are two ways to eat chocolate.  You can either throw caution to the wind and eat an entire chocolate cake, or have a short stack of chocolate chip pancakes.

Today is NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CHIP DAY!!!  Allow me to be your voice of reason for just one minute.  By the time you eat just half of that cake you will no longer be hungry – for anything.  You will probably be feeling pretty sick.

Something as innocent looking as say, a frosted chocolate fudge Pop-Tart is a whopping 200 calories!  Two bites and it’s gone – straight to your hips!!!

I would suggest something that is just as yummy and has just a bit of chocolate, such as Van’s Natural Foods Mini Chocolate Chip Waffles which are only 15 calories each.

Think of it this way…  for one Pop-Tart, you could have 13 mini-waffles!!!  I don’t even add butter or syrup to them, they are that good.  They give me some much-needed chocolate therapy and restore my sanity.

Forget love – I’d rather fall in chocolate!   – Attributed to Sandra J. Dykes

Once in a while, I melt a few chocolate chips in a saucepan and drizzle it over my Quaker chocolate crunch rice cake, which is only 60 calories.  Yes the melted chocolate adds a few more calories, but it sure tastes better than a dry rice cake.  In fact, there are times when I just eat the melted chocolate without the rice cake.  :-/

My friend Lucinda Berry Hill wrote a poem for this day too. We can never have too many poems about chocolate chips – and I like that hers is called CHOCOLATE CHIP FRIENDS.


Remember that you do have friends and they are more precious than chocolate chips!  God loves you more than chocolate chips too.  He guides and directs your paths if you ask Him to – and your photo is on His refrigerator because you mean so much to Him.

Enjoy your celebration!