Oh the adventures in coffee I’ve had!  The coffee break stories I could tell you…  hmm.  I have some favorite coffee breaks, like the one I took back in 1985…  but I digress.  This day is to teach you how to take a coffee break.  What’s that?  You didn’t know there was a right way and a wrong way?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  Let’s begin.

Here are some suggestions about how to celebrate NATIONAL COFFEE BREAK DAY:

It doesn’t take much to entertain me, especially on the internet!  I found a really cute place where you can design your own coffee mug!  I put my “Wanted” poster on a mug, and a photo of the very handsome Cary Grant on another one (let’s face it, looking at him first thing in the morning would not be a bad thing).  Here’s the link if you’d like to design your own mug.

If you click on some of the other tabs there, you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about coffee and coffee breaks!  Down through the years, I have seen folks do coffee breaks all wrong.  For example, I used to work with a girl who would take her laptop into the break room and continue working through her coffee break.  Hmm…  what’s wrong with this picture???  The idea of a coffee break is to take a BREAK from working for just a few minutes.

Another coffee break disaster has to do with the one who actually put the coffee pot on.  You can tell which people engage in serious coffee drinking and which ones just dabble at it.  It’s never a good idea to have the dabblers make the coffee.  You don’t know what you might end up with.  You could end up with grounds in the bottom of your coffee cup! Eeeewww…  that has the potential to wreck the rest of your otherwise happy day.


So leave the coffee prep to the professional coffee drinkers!  You might want to put a sign on the coffee maker at work – COFFEE DABBLERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH THIS COFFEE MAKER.  If it’s anything like our office, you’ll have everyone claiming to be a dabbler because nobody wants to make the coffee.  Sigh!  That’s when the office needs a COFFEE HERO – that one person who admits they are a professional coffee drinker and they are qualified to make good coffee for the rest of the office.  In our office that person was me.  While everyone stood around the coffee maker arguing about who would make the next pot, I walked in and physically removed all of them and just did it.  I made the coffee – and you know what?  It never hurt me to take the time.  My productivity was not in any way impaired for stepping up!  Strange, huh???

I also observe the people who take a coffee break with a cell phone in the other hand.  Again, unless it is an emergency, put the phone down, sit in your chair and enjoy your coffee undistracted by outside forces.  Coffee breaks are a time to kick back and let the caffeine kick in.

There are also the donut / pastry / junk out of the vending machine dunking people.  I like to watch them in action.  If I could join them I would because it would be fun to be a dunker.  Since I’m diabetic it’s really not something I should even get started, but I enjoy watching someone dunk their sweet whatever in a piping hot cup of java!  I think they must enjoy their coffee break the most.

So, to recap (or is that recup – get it, coffee cup?  Oh never mind):

  • Design a coffee mug at
  • Click on other tabs to learn more about coffee and coffee breaks
  • No dabblers should be allowed to make coffee – professional coffee drinkers only
  • No cell phones should be allowed during your coffee break
  • Dunking is allowed only if you are healthy

I hope this little tutorial has been helpful.  It’s only Tuesday, so you may need more than one cup of coffee when you take your break.  You have my permission…  Wink!  😉






When there is change jingling around in my pocket or the bottom of my handbag, that my friends, is a GOOD thing.  It means I will have something to lay on the table at the end of a good meal in a restaurant to let the server know he or she is appreciated.  It means I can make a phone call, I think.  It’s been a while since I’ve had to make a call from a pay phone – do they have a slot for pocket change anymore or do they have dollar bill slots?  I wonder if they exist anymore – everyone these days (except me) has a cell phone.

The changing seasons are good too, although I could do with more mild, shorter winters.  I’ve put in that request with my Maker, but to no avail it seems.  He does know best in these matters.  Remind me again about how global warming is the ultimate doom of us all when there is a pile of snow in my driveway this winter – ok?  But autumn – the prelude to the cold and the snow and the cabin fever I know I will endure in the coming months – oh I love autumn.  If only we could keep autumn, but it’s not meant to be.  We need to keep changing, bending without breaking under the pressure.

It’s difficult to bend without breaking as things change.  As the morals around us lower, we hang on to our core values, beliefs and integrity.  We pray that God will help us stand strong.  We don’t have to be vocal and annoying about things, but there is a quiet strength that will stay with us and help us remember who we are in God.  His Holy Spirit is in us and He will be with us to the end.

 Change always comes bearing gifts.   – Price Pritchett

Gifts???  Seriously?  Changes are not always for the best – and just because the majority has gone along is no reason I should go along too.  I will not speak out, but I will not break under the pressure to go along either.  I may bend outwardly a little – but break – no.  God won’t let me break.  He won’t let me fail – no matter what is happening around me.

Here in Wichita we will be changing our clocks again.  It’s another change I’d love to do without.  The people in Arizona don’t have to do it – why do we?  Yes, I’m whining – but I will change all of the clocks in my house again…  daylight savings time goes away today.  We will have very dark mornings and it will get dark earlier now.  Sigh – I will miss the sunlight so much.  But I will keep smiling – and change my clocks – fall back one hour.  It’s not a change I embrace, needless to say.

On November 4th I hope to see a change in the government.  I hope to see a Republican senate in office because there need to be some core values, Christian beliefs and integrity in the White House.  Someone needs to put the brakes on what’s been going on for sure.  I wish the Republicans would give us a clear game plan instead of just saying they are opposed to the status quo.  It’s not enough to know they don’t agree with what’s happening – that’s lazy campaigning.  They really need to let us know they have a better plan – then spell it out for us.  That would be a great change in my humble opinion.

Christians – hang in there – bend with change without breaking.  Lean on the Lord – He won’t let you break.  He won’t let you fail.    😀