There are all sorts of collections – especially old things – antiques.  Some people collect antique furniture or glassware or china.  But this week is all about the buttons – that’s right…  buttons!

It’s a real thing.  I’ll say from the start, my knowledge of buttons will fit into a thimble – a very small thimble.  The National Button Society has so much information for button collectors and this website is chock full of articles and helpful hints for those with a desire to collect these little treasures.TRINKETS & TREASURES (2)

Mama had a button tin – well, it was actually a tin that someone gave us for Christmas that had a fruitcake inside – I’m guessing we tossed the fruitcake and kept the tin.  I’ve always been fascinated with shapes and colors.  I’m not crafty at all, but I did like to get that tin down and look at mama’s buttons.  She didn’t collect them, but just kept them in case she might need them.  I’m sure some of them would probably be very desirable to a collector now – they’re quite old.  Sadly, I sold them at the estate sale.

The articles I read speak of borders and special designs to look for in certain buttons.  Beauty really IS in the eye of the beholder.  I could look at the same button and not realize what distinction it has.  I understand that every button is different, but I have no idea what to look for!

Even though I don’t collect buttons, I want to have a passing knowledge of them.  Before today I didn’t know about the NBS, but today I know it exists and that there are literally hundreds of definitive markings and colors and shapes that are considered desirable by collectors.  I find it fascinating and would like to learn more.  I hope you do too.  Let’s learn more about buttons this week!

Here are some fun facts about buttons – a great Q&A page.  Ask your friends & family these questions and see how many of them know the answers.  That’s your assignment from me this week.  LOL!!!

There’s a Pinterest page for NBS as well as a facebook page.  You can find both through the link above.

Did you ever play the game Button, button…  who’s got the button…  ???  That was fun until somebody accidentally dropped the button and didn’t want to admit they dropped it.  LOL!

I had a strange thought (what else is new?) – if we were each a button, how would God see us?  Which ones of us have the right border or the right shape?  I told you it was a strange thought.  Actually, He has a button tin (although it probably didn’t have fruitcake in it originally) – and He thinks we are all beautiful – we’re each so different – but so lovely and shiny and colorful in our own way.

photo courtesy of Carol White England
photo courtesy of Carol White England

Some buttons are ornate and of very little practical value.  Maybe they’re so fancy it makes them difficult to use.  Other buttons are very plain, but easy to use.  Since my arthritis has gotten worse, I can’t button some things like I used to.  LOL – just give me a pull over sweatshirt – it’s easier.

I’m a button with a few scratches – but God loves me anyhow, and He works with me to make me more shiny every day.  He does that for you too!  🙂