LET IT SNOWWe only have a few more days of winter, at least according to the calendar.  Mother Nature may have other plans, as we here in Kansas know all too well.  In any case, today is Oreo Cookie Day!  How will you enjoy these sweet treats?  A favorite, of course, is a big glass of milk for dunking – or how about a large cup of coffee for dunking?  That sounds good!  🙂

Not to put a damper on the day, but a friend on facebook mentioned that Nabisco is moving to Mexico and it made me so sad.  I really hope our economy turns around to the point where they bring Nabisco and many other companies back to America, don’t you?

Through the years Nabisco has come up with SEVEN varieties of Oreo cookies:

  • Oreo Chocolate
  • Oreo Fudge Cremes
  • Oreo Chocolate Birthday Cake Flavor Cremes
  • Oreo Double Stuf Chocolate
  • Oreo Lemon Cremes
  • Oreo Double Stuf Golden
  • Oreo Double Stuf Heads or Tails

There’s a perfect Oreo for every mood you find yourself in – and let’s face it, variety really IS the spice of life!

How about adding a few Oreos to your favorite brownie mix?

OREO BROWNIE TREATS (makes 24 brownies)


1 pkg. (19-21 oz) brownie mix (for a 9×13 pan)

15 Oreo Chocolate Cookies, coarsely chopped


Stir chopped cookies into batter.  Prepare pan and pour batter in pan.  Bake as directed on package.

Note:  When baking in a glass baking dish instead of a metal pan, always reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees.

Per Brownie:

170 calories

8 g fat

2.5 g saturated fat

20 mg cholesterol

125 mg sodium

25 g carbohydrates

1 g fiber

16 g sugar

2 g protein

To lower the carbohydrates and sugar content, I use Pillsbury Sugar Free brownie mix – but it takes two boxes to make 9×13 size.  Adding Oreo pieces does add a bit of sugar and carbohydrate back into the brownie, but it’s not enough per brownie to matter.  🙂  Now, if you sit and eat the whole 9×13 pan of brownies – remember you’re adding 15 cookies!  Then you have to count them!  🙂









12-8 OUR GOD OF TOO MUCHIt’s NATIONAL BROWNIE DAY!  That’s great, especially if you are not a type 2 diabetic or on a diet that frowns on such indulgence.  Is there a brownie recipe that will be kind to my blood sugar and keep my weight in check?  Well, as usual I’m on the lookout for a diabetic-friendly recipe so all of us can join in the fun!


If you add the walnuts to the mix it provides some healthy fat and protein which is a good thing.  The recipe makes 25 squares, just to keep the portion control in check.  If you start cutting and only have 10 squares, you cut them too big!  LOL!

My blood sugar spiked when I watched her take that bite!  Yikes – cream cheese and marshmallow as well as all that chocolate???  Rich???  Well…  yeah!

One more crazy rich brownie recipe – I’d be lying if I said they are not yummy:


OK – back to common sense brownie recipes.  LOL!


I chose this recipe because it uses graham crackers instead of flour.  For some reason as I get older, my tummy gets less tolerant of gluten.  Maybe the graham crackers would work better for me and others who are bothered by flour products.

This is another example of COMA ON A PLATE!  1 cup of sugar – 1 cup of brown sugar as well as regular Dr. Pepper (a.k.a. more sugar)???  You know that little disclaimer that says, “Kids – don’t try this at home” – ???  Well – nobody has any business doing this unless your blood sugar is about 40.  Wow – that’s just bad!

But here’s the other end of the spectrum…  do we all have protein powder setting around the house?  Um…  no comment (that means no).  There were a couple of other ingredients that she rattled off that I wondered where in the heck I need to go to get…  I’m guess Wal-Mart won’t have some of that stuff.  Oh – and yeah, that’s how I dress when I cook brownies too.  Not! 

The diabetic recipes I appreciate are the ones that use real ingredients – just common sense, real food.  Not tons of sugar along with regular sugary soda.  Not protein powder and other ingredients that I can barely pronounce, let alone find at the store.

Hopefully there is a recipe here you can use.  Just because I have diabetes does not mean I can’t join in the fun.  Have a blessed day!

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