TL A COMMENTARY FROM THE HEART (26)There are times in life when you have to eat cake – one of those times is your birthday, right?  Does that mean your blood glucose has to get out of whack?  Not long ago I would have said, “Yes – yes it does.”  Now I’ve found a great recipe for chocolate cake that serves two people – and takes just three minutes to whip up!  Perfect for a couple like my husband and myself.sacher-cake-1194524_1920


Makes 2 servings – 9 carbs – 4 net carbs


1/4 C. almond flour

1 Tbs. cocoa

1/4 tsp. baking powder

3 Tbs. plus 1 tsp. Splenda

2 Tbs. butter, melted

1 Tbs. water

1 egg


Mix flour, cocoa, baking powder and Splenda in a 2 cup glass measuring cup.  Stir in butter, water and egg.  Mix well.  Scrape batter down evenly with a rubber spatula.  Cover with plastic wrap and vent by cutting a small slit in the center.  Microwave on HIGH for 1 minute until set but still a little moist on top.  Cool slightly and serve warm with Reddi Whip.

If you are used to eating wedding cake with butter cream frosting, this will probably not taste wonderful to you, but if you’re like most of us and haven’t eaten wedding cake for years – and you avoid sweets as a general rule – you will notice that almond flour has a sort of “mealy” consistency, but if you can get past that, and appreciate that this cake will not cause your blood glucose to spike, you may find yourself yelling YEE-HAW because hey – this is the closest thing to chocolate cake you’ve eaten in a long time!

Almond flour is also much more expensive than all-purpose flour.  I rationalize spending the extra money by thinking of how much it cost to buy insulin every month.  My Levemir was costing about $400 a month.  A small sack of almond flour costs about $7.  I won’t eat too many things with it – but once in a while I want some pancakes or waffles – or some chocolate cake for a birthday celebration.

Isn’t it fantastic that we can eat a low carb diet that sometimes includes cocoa – and more to the point, know that our blood glucose will be happy?  I’m just so tickled with this discovery!





Today is NATIONAL CAKE DECORATING DAY. I have no talent for cake decorating whatsoever, but I admire the gift very much.  I like to laugh and bet you do too.  Here are some funny cakes.

I’m not poking fun at the people who decorate cakes (ok, maybe I am a bit), but it seems like one of the questions asked on a job application would be, “can you spell?” I mean, if you can’t spell CONGRATULATIONS, then maybe you should re-think your career choice even if you can decorate a cake beautifully!

found on Pinterest
found on Pinterest

To see funny and fantastic photos of bad cake decorating, go to www.cakewrecks.com

While I was looking through all the really cute cake wrecks, I noticed one that says, “Happy Birthday in French”.  No, I mean that is literally what they wrote on the cake!  Honestly, with the internet at your fingertips there is NO excuse for this! I mean, is that lazy or what? I took three years of French in High School, so I know that the most common way to say “happy birthday” in French is “joyeux anniversaire”. It would be so simple to google it – so that cake really cracked me up!



found on Pinterest
found on Pinterest

Well, I knew it had to be one of them!

found on Pinterest
found on Pinterest

What a swetty pie!!!

There are so many funny cakes on the internet.  Most are on Cake Wrecks, but there are more on Pinterest and many more places.

Anybody can learn to decorate a cake, but it takes a class act to really mess it up!  – Linda Palmer

Here is a lovely Barbie cake.

I especially like the cakes where you know the decorator wrote the entire instruction on the cake.  Like the one that said, “If there’s room, add Happy Birthday, Chad”.   I’m just so sure Chad’s family was tickled to pay for that cake!  It sure did make a cute mistake for the cake wreck file though.  So, would you classify that as a mistake or a triumph?  Hmm…  makes you wonder.  Wink!  😉