I hope some young people read what I have to say today and take heed.  If the wind is blowing very much, please wear earplugs when you go outside to walk or ride a motorcycle.  I know when you’re young you love the wind in your face and your hair blowing freely, but trust me when I say that wind can do damage to your ear drum.

It is both frustrating and annoying to me to have constant tinnitus (ringing in the ears).  That sound interferes with normal conversations and I’ve gotten to where I don’t say “huh” or “what” anymore because that just irritates others.  I’ve started nodding and agreeing.  I’m not sure that’s the best thing to do, but Cie la vie! 

I avoid talking on the phone much because voices sound so terribly muffled and once again I get lost somewhere in the conversation when I can’t hear what someone is saying clearly.

Here’s the part I want to emphasize to you, young peeps – 

The damage is irreversible!!!

You could have this horrible affliction – permanently.  Think about it.  With just a bit of common sense and prevention you could save yourself from a lifetime of bells in the belfry that can drive you BATTY!!!  Listen to me, please! 

Are you listening to me???

I know what you’re thinking.  Believe me when I tell you – yes, it can and will happen to you if you don’t wear earplugs.  Everyone says that tinnitus happens because of age – but that’s simply not true.  I’ve experienced the consequences of not being ready and at the young age of 30 I had to pay the piper.  I’m still paying – dearly!  This damage has effected not only my everyday conversations but also my ability to hear musical tones.  At one time I had perfect pitch.  Now, not so much.

There are two things that you should always wear on a motorcycle – earplugs and a helmet.  I know the helmet will ruin your experience with the wind in your hair, yadda yadda.  Guess what?  Not wearing the helmet will mess with more than that if you crash.  Don’t say it can’t happen – it can.

If you think it’s too much of a hassle to wear earplugs, do what I did.  Attach the earplugs to your helmet strap, since we’ve already established that you are indeed going to wear a helmet! 

For me, wearing the earplugs now is a bit like shutting the barn door after the horse has already gotten out, but I want to save what bit of hearing I have left.  It doesn’t look real cool, but frankly, Scarlet…

Use either a helmet with the earmuffs or plugs, please.  

Wear ear protection when you go out to walk on a windy day.  Sometimes I just poke a cotton ball in each ear before stepping out.  It’s a small thing but it can save your hearing.

Today is BIG WIND DAY!!! April 12th, 1934 Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

Three weather surveyors at the observatory recorded the highest speed natural wind ever measured on earth.  The wind reached 231 miles per hour, and is commemorated each year on this date.  🙂