Well, HAPPY MUTT’S DAY!!! There’s nothing quite like adopting a pet from a shelter. It’s a heart-warming feeling, knowing that you have made life better for one animal. No, I can’t adopt all of them – but if I adopt one and you adopt one – then we can work together to make all animals safe and happy. We can give one animal a good home.

On this day I want to encourage everyone to consider adopting a pet instead of buying one from a store. I know the chances of finding a “pure bred” dog at a shelter are slim to none, but I believe that a mutt is the best kind of pet to own. I’ve owned pure bred dogs with papers and all that, but they seemed to have their share of issues. There are so many animals in shelters who need a good home and if I can rescue one of them – I will.

I think this is something that is mandatory these days, but once you have adopted a pet, please see to it that you have them spayed/neutered. Please Be a responsible pet parent.

Casey is now 10 years old and just a happy little fella! I would not use the word “SPOILED” but I’m sure some others would use it to describe him. He’s brought such joy into my life. I cannot imagine living without him.

The ASPCA is in need of financial support to help animal victims. There are so many abused animals that need to be saved from abusive homes. They don’t have a voice, so we have to speak up for them. For $20 a month or whatever you can afford, the resources to help them can be obtained. I’ve never had human children, but I’ve had my share of animal babies. It breaks my heart that some animals don’t enjoy a good life like my Casey does.

If you own a mutt, today is the day to dote a little more! Have a wonderful Wednesday!   🙂