PROVERBS 10:12 ON 10/12

TL PROVERBS 10 12 on 10 12

Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.  – Proverbs 10:12

Let’s see what the Sunday School Sheep is up to…

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I’m sure it’s happened to you too…  you get on facebook to chat with your friends and as you are browsing through the news feed, you see a post that you disagree with.  As much as you really should just ignore it and keep scrolling, you give in to the temptation to comment and maybe even leave a piece of Scripture to “defend” your position.  Well – then you see a comment that disagrees with yours and someone is calling you a name.  Before it’s over, you wonder why you didn’t just keep scrolling – and you wish you had kept scrolling.

Does God care if we say mean things to strangers?  Does He care if we call someone we don’t know but strongly disagree with a mean name?  Well…  yes, God does care.  It’s not right that they call you a name first – but it’s a good idea to take the high road and drop the name calling and move on before you fall into sin.  Try to be a blessing in Jesus’ Name.  Fight the temptation to stoop to the hater’s level and be just as hateful.  It gets us nowhere.  Let’s choose to live like we’re loved – because we are!

People are just plain mean and nasty on social media!  To be honest, it doesn’t happen to me much anymore because I don’t seek out those who disagree with me.  Most of the friends I have are adults.  If we don’t agree on issues, we disagree agreeably.  I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I try to stay out of the mud puddles – I’m not a champion mud wrestler – sorry to disappoint you.

It won’t change anyone to call them names – and it could quite possibly destroy any possibility of sharing your witness with them.  The only way to live a Christian life is to live in love.  I need to remember that hatred stirs up conflict – love draws the lost to my side.  With love and patience I can share my testimony.  It’s a story that only I can share.  No one else has traveled the path that I’ve traveled.

We are living in a time when everything insults everyone.  If we have a more loving approach toward others, it will not reflect badly on us and then we can witness.  The acceptance or rejection of that witness is up to them – but at least the door opens up instead of slamming shut and locking.  🙂





“You don’t want to win the argument, you want to get your way.”  It was from the late Rae Wolf McKenna, my first mother-in-law.  I have found it popping into my head in many tense situations over the years, to great effect.  – Paul Steiger

In my 28 years of marriage (well, as of August 25th), my husband and I have had very few arguments. Is that a good thing? Well, every marriage needs a little spice, but it’s best to spice it up in a positive way, I believe.

The most miserable feeling in the world is to let an argument remain unresolved overnight. I’m not into crying on my pillow. Anger that lasts overnight just leaves me with a stopped up red nose and a huge headache the next morning. If the issue remains unresolved, in the morning my anger gets rekindled and I’m ready to begin the battle once again.

Instead of dragging the battle into the next morning, do your best to resolve it before your head hits the pillow. Your eyes will not be as puffy, your pillow will not get soaked and you won’t have that hung over feeling the next morning! Not that I know what that feels like… please don’t give me grief about that comparison!

Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath. – Ephesians 4:26

Such sage advice, yet at times I know it is so difficult to follow. If I feel passionately about something and my husband is stubborn, it could be a very long night – but we try to resolve things before we sleep. It may be 3am before we get it resolved, but we hash away at it until it’s resolved. Of course, if he were the one telling it – I’d be the stubborn one, right? Uh-huh.

The point is, life is too short and God is too good for us to be doing very much arguing to begin with. If you have someone who loves you and you are happy with your life – then what else matters?

LIVE LONG AND PROSPER. – Dr. Spock (Star Trek)

You’re totally trying to do the Vulcan salute now, aren’t you? Yeah, me too… I still can’t do it. :-/