Back in my day we didn’t have big shopping malls – but I think this would have been really cool – I mean, it’s like singing in a great big shower – listen to the acoustics in there!!!

 Just because I can’t sing doesn’t mean I won’t sing.

I wish I could sing – when I open my mouth to sing praises to God, I truly and quite literally make a joyful noise.  I can play the piano ’til the second coming of Christ – but my singing lacks oomph.  I’m a quiet little alto – I sing on pitch but I have absolutely no volume!  As long as God can hear me, that’s all that matters, right?  Yep – that’s what I thought.

It’s GO CAROLING DAY!!!  Some of the most fun times I remember in church was when we were outside the church, ministering to others.  I enjoyed going to see the shut-ins and singing Christmas Carols to them with fellow choir members.  I remember arguing with the other altos about who would have to stand next to the soprano – no one wanted to get thrown off their part.  I always got stuck standing next to the soprano with an earplug in that ear.  Sigh – good ol’ Linda!

We used to go see the shut-ins, then visit the deacon’s houses.  One couple always invited us inside for hot apple cider, hot chocolate, cookies and candies of all sorts – all homemade!  That was such a treat, especially if it was really cold outside!  I think we sang better when we knew we’d be invited inside for goodies!

K – it’s bad when the one listening has to prompt the one singing…  yeah – awkward caroling – LOL!  What do you mean you don’t know the lyrics to the songs?  You got some ‘xplaining to do!!!  This is funny!

Of course we know that caroling is meant to be a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas – the birth of Christ!  We have fun with singing and the awkward caroling and the secular songs – but really the idea is to remind others of the hope and peace that IS Christ.  We all know that without Christmas we could not celebrate Easter, right?

Warm a few hearts today.  Go Caroling! 

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