To some, it’s a comfort that God our Lord is living among us.  We find peace and serenity.  To others, it’s a thought that brings feelings of dread and fear.  Why?   Well, I’ll try to explain it with a story you can relate to.

We had a little dog – she was a mixed breed, but a tiny little thing.  She was a puppy when I was a baby.  I loved on her like crazy, but once in a while I loved on her a little too much – hugged her a little too tight.  She never snapped, never growled or showed any indication of meanness toward me or anyone in my family.  We all knew and respected each other – we were family.

Our friends, the Ingram’s, came over to visit one brisk winter evening.  Just before people came over, my mom would take the cover off of Lady’s chair (yes, Lady had her own chair).  When Ellis tried to sit in Lady’s chair, she started growling and snarling at him.  Of course, my parents scolded her and apologized to Ellis and told him to go ahead and sit there.  Lady was put in the back bedroom for the rest of the evening.

From that moment on, Ellis and Lady had less than an amicable relationship.  I guess you could say they basically tolerated each other for the sake of those around them.  I don’t think they ever really made up.

It’s a bit like that if you don’t know the Lord, I think.  He’s not yours, but it’s okay if He lives with others – but you sure don’t want Him.  Maybe you’re afraid He’s going to bite you or snap at you (the proverbial lightning strike).  I wish you’d make up with Him.  You can by believing that His Son, Christ Jesus died on the cross for your sins.  He is mighty to save and strong to deliver you.  Only then you can read this portion of Scripture with a smile on your face and real confidence in your soul.  He will calm your fears and wipe away all your tears.  I hope you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and friend today, because today – it’s you.

Of course, today is St. Patrick’s Day!  I wish you a happy and safe one.  Two reminders for the day – don’t drink green beer and drive…  and don’t text and drive.  Stay safe.  Everyone knows that Christians don’t believe in luck, but we do believe in getting into the spirit of a holiday.  Lucinda wrote a cute poem about luck.  The Luck of Us All. 

Enjoy the day responsibly.  🙂





Praise Him, Praise Him, all ye little children.  God is LOVE…  God is LOVE.  🙂


TL 12-1 PREPARE YE THE WAY OF THE LORDOn this sixth day ‘fore Christmas – on this day of preparation, let’s give praise for His love, pray for love for one another, joy to share with others, peace in our hearts, and thank God for His amazing grace!TEN DAYS FORE CHRISTMASWe learned how to praise God in Sunday School, didn’t we???  With songs like Praise Him, Praise Him…  we are taught that our God is a jealous God and He takes first place in our hearts, minds and lives.  It’s up to us to remember those truths as we grow up.  Today serves as a reminder…  praise Him because He is the only One worthy of our praise, worship and adoration!We Need You

https://youtu.be/rj_0wjETlu4  I love heartfelt praise to the Lord…  this talented young lady’s song touched my heart.  ❤

Naturally when I think of praising the Lord my mind goes to music, but there are other ways to honor, praise and adore God.  We honor Him with our lives, our actions, attitudes and behavior.  Are actions and behavior the same thing?  I don’t know – maybe.

Let’s listen to more praise and worship!  https://youtu.be/yLKAK4g8va0

Make my life a HALLELUJAH!!!  Amen to that! CHRISTMAS DAYDoes your Christmas celebration include the reading of the Christmas Story???  I remember my daddy reading the Story from the book of Luke every year.  It is the birth of Christ we are celebrating, so it makes sense to hear the account of it every year.  It never gets old to me because it is a huge piece of the puzzle that makes Christmas, CHRIST-mas!  WE'RE KEEPING CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS

JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASONIt’s all about Him…  His love, His mercy, His grace, His Salvation – offered freely to everyone.

This is going to make me seem old – but hey – I am…  I like Evie and always will.  I need to hear some Evie at Christmas – LOL!!!  https://youtu.be/F8Fq3tfKDek

You know how some folks have to listen to Bing or Andy at Christmas???  Well, I have to listen to Evie!  🙂