On Christmas, may we keep this thought in mind:

 Kindness and respect are gifts we can give one another everyday and anytime. It’s free and paid with an open heart!  – Valerie McKinney

On this day in 1947, the first transistor was invented by Bardeen, Brattain & Shockley in Bell Labs.  Later in 1954 the popular transistor radio came along.  Billions of these little dudes were manufactured during the 1960’s and 1970’s.  They were typically pocket-sized and changed popular music listening habits because we could listen to the radio anywhere we went with ease.  By the 1980’s, cheap AM transistor radios took a back seat to devices with higher audio quality, such as portable CD players, personal audio players and boom boxes.

My radio was very small – pocket-sized and nestled in a little brown leather pouch with holes punched in it to let the sound through.  There was a slot in the side of the leather pouch where the two dials were – one dial for changing channels and one for controlling volume.  Heaven forbid you should use the volume control at night when everyone was trying to sleep – and let it slip from your grip!  You could potentially wake up the whole house!  My first transistor radio didn’t have a jack for an ear piece – but after I accidentally turned up the volume at night a few times – my folks got me a second one that did have a jack for an ear piece.  And I know you think it was something like headphones – but no – it was more like ear buds – but only one!  Yep – one little plastic ear bud – !  I used to worry that I’d lose my hearing if I kept putting it in the same ear, so I traded ears every time.  It may have helped – who knows really?

When I was a kid, my transistor radio went to bed with me.  I listened to talk radio while all my friends were listening to the top 40 on KLEO.  I have always enjoyed listening to the news – current events has always intrigued me, although nowadays it often frustrates me.  LOL!

I listened to Wichita’s KWBB- talk radio.  Yes, by today’s standards the audio quality of the transistor radio was poor.  We traded the sound quality for convenience but did not seem to be bothered by it.  The tiny radio operated on one 9-volt battery (I kept a stash of them in my dresser drawer).  On that radio I heard news of Watergate and various other scandals.  I was lulled to sleep by debates and commentaries about various subjects.

But at 11pm, after the news was over – that was my favorite time to listen to my radio.  The CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER came on!  It was an hour of radio drama – and I loved it!  My little transistor transported me into another place and sometimes into another time!  Not long ago, I acquired the entire collection of CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER on CD.  I can listen to the stories anytime I like – but nothing will take the place of being in bed under the covers listening to my transistor radio.  🙂

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