I grew up in the turbulent 1960’s when the Civil Rights movement was a violent story we heard Walter Cronkite report every night as we watched the scenes, usually from some college campus in California, on our small black and white television set. Such great entertainment as we ate our Banquet frozen TV dinners on our metal TV trays.

Violence became commonplace, I’m sorry to say. I’m thankful the images in my young brain were black and white. I remember thinking, “Wow, I’m sure glad there isn’t anything like that going on in MY city.” Well, it was. I was just too young to know very much about it. I learned as I grew up just how alive and well the racial tension was in Wichita.

It was difficult to study in school with an undeniable undercurrent of violence and racial tension. By the time I went to Jr. High School they had forced cross busing to MAKE us get along. I don’t know whose idea it was, but I’m here to tell you the experiment failed in Wichita. We did not get along. I was beat up in the girl’s bathroom almost daily. I hated school so much. I’m surprised I graduated, to be honest.

Obviously, I no longer have physical scars. I’m working on the emotional ones. But forgiveness was quick. I walk a narrow road with God, and the first thing I learned as a Christian was that Christ forgave me. He paid the greatest price when He died on the cross. I have no choice but to forgive others. Forgiveness is an essential part of my faith. It almost sums up my belief system.

I prayed for them every day. I don’t believe that God ignored those prayers, but I do believe that somehow God got through to them and they have turned their lives over to Him. I’ll never know, but I still pray for them every day – even now.

Wasn’t that what Dr. King preached? Forgiveness between the races with abundant peace and respect given to EVERYONE? Why can’t we all just walk God’s NARROW ROAD together and wear blindfolds so we might be color blind? Dr. King was God’s child first and foremost. His messages emphasized that we are ALL GOD’S CHILDREN.


My peace between the races happen in my lifetime. I’m so tired of racial tension. ❤