The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen.  JUST LISTEN.  Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our ATTENTION… A loving silence often has far more power to heal and to connect than the most well-intentioned words.  – Rachel Naomi Remen

Think about all the wonderful stories that were shared around your Thanksgiving table yesterday.  Have you ever thought of documenting those stories – capturing them on video or DVD for future reference or to show to future generations?

I wish technology would have been that advanced when I had my parents.  Of course after my daddy died there were videos and then DVD cameras, but when I was a kid we had the old 8mm film and there was no sound.  It’s funny because when I had my film transferred to Video – and then had the video transferred to DVD, they put background music with the film.  It was obvious they did not stay in the room as the film was being transferred (and can you blame them – there’s nothing more dull than a stranger’s home movies) because some of the music was mismatched to the film.

In 1977 I turned 16 years old.  While all my friends were having Sweet Sixteen parties (for most it was their first boy / girl party) – I decided to spend a quiet evening at home with my parents and my dog, Rusty.  Mama baked my favorite cake (a strawberry jelly roll cake) and there was a pretty table with balloons and pretty plates and napkins.  As I recall, they were ZIGGY (my favorite cartoon character at the time).

I wanted to HEAR my party and knew if I used the 8mm movie camera I would not have sound.  I used my tape recorder to document the evening.  We talked and laughed.  I opened some pretty cool gifts and played a couple of songs on the piano.  But the most fun part of the tape is when my dad decided I needed SIXTEEN SWATS!  Really, Dad???

Hopefully when you capture your story you will communicate effectively.

Be thankful for technology and document all the memories you possibly can.  You will be glad you did in years to come.

From a very young age, my parents taught me the most important lesson of my whole life:  Listen to everybody before you make up your own mind.  When you listen, you learn.  You absorb like a sponge.  Your life becomes so much better than when you are just trying to be listened to all the time.  – Steven Spielberg

Ask your family some questions and enjoy NATIONAL DAY OF LISTENING!  🙂