9-23 KING ME
If you’ve ever been to a Cracker Barrel restaurant, you know there are some tables that have a checkerboard on them. They provide everything you need to enjoy a great game of checkers while you’re waiting for your food to show up!

Yesterday morning we watched the cutest game of checkers I think I’ve ever seen! They were strangers, so I’m not certain of the relationship between them, but I would guess it was a father and his young son. This dad was really getting into this checker game, and I think he forgot he was in a restaurant, which is sort of cute and funny. He was intently focused on his son and their game.

His son was whooping his butt – but I think dad was throwing the game, to be honest. No one could miss that many great moves – no one! This kid was so excited, when he’d get to the goal he’d yell, “King me, dad… King me!”

The whole restaurant took interest in the game. People were pointing and laughing as they watched the father and son bonding moments. It reminded me of an old saying:

Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad. – Author Unknown

I have a feeling this dad carried a lot of photographs in his wallet of his son. Their relationship reminded me a lot of the way my dad and I acted when we went places together.

Since today is Checkers Day, why not take your checker-playing family to Cracker Barrel for some fun?   😉




Perfect earrings for today!

It’s not cheating – no, really it’s not. It’s a strategy. Ok, it may be far-end strategy, borderline cheating. Well, whatever it is, it works!

Today is National Scrabble Day! In honor of this day I want to let my friend know that the scribbling I do to throw her off her game is intentional. The pencil tapping and yawns are on purpose too. You’re just so easily distracted and it’s so much fun to do that to you!

We’ve been friends for such a long time, I’m sure the confession I make today won’t bother you in the least. I know you will just laugh at me – maybe punch my arm (ouch!) because that’s what real friends do. Of course, the next time we play Scrabble, you will probably tie me to the chair, hands unable to reach a pencil. No paper in front of me and duct tape over my mouth!

Let’s face it, friend… that’s the only way you could beat me!

I know we will be friends anyway because we understand that a game of Scrabble is not the most important thing in the world. It’s really not about the winning or the losing, but the friendship. I enjoy having friends that I can do absolutely nothing with and still have a good time, don’t you? The people we can relax and be comfortable with are the ones we treasure and look forward to spending time with.

My friend and I both love Jesus, we love Him and we love each other. We’ve worked on projects together and we have prayed together. So many years we’ve shared the ups and downs of this life. The good, the bad, and the Scrabble! You know, honestly, I think she lets me win. That would not surprise me in the least!

Happy National Scrabble Day! 🙂