And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.  – Romans 5:5

As I come to the close of my series about the kind of heart I want for 2017, it’s only fitting to make this the last (but by no means the least) verse.  This year, I want a heart that is full of God’s love and His precious Holy Spirit.

I want God’s love in my heart, knowing that I can rely on His promises in my life.  To know that whatever struggles or circumstances may come along, my Lord is there with me, working on my behalf – it means everything to me.

Christian hope does not disappoint or deceive as hope of this world does.  Folks who have hope of this world live on an emotional roller coaster.  There’s hope – then hope is dashed and their hopeless.  What a horrible cycle and awful way to live.  Hope in the promises of God through Christ are dependable because our God does not lie!  If He makes a promise, you can rest on it and rely on it.  That’s the love I want in my life.

We’re fast approaching Valentine’s Day – a day that is all about love.  It’s fun-filled with candy and flowers and hearts all over the place.  Fine and good for a temporary emotional high, but hardly the sort of “love” that is lasting.  Real love hung on a cross and died for me – and for you.his-love-is-extra-large

I want every good thing that the Lord has to give me, don’t you?  God is the Great Physician and does miraculous heart surgery and soul surgery.  I want both this year.  His hope, peace, grace, mercy and love poured into my heart generously – it’s my prayer that He will do that for me as I live my life.  I welcome God’s Holy Spirit in my heart this year.  🙂





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