tl-12-1-adventToday is the second Sunday of ADVENT.

When was the last time someone said, “I’d give my LIFE for you” – ???  Nobody has said it to me, but when Christ made the choice to go through with His Father’s master plan to provide a way that you and I could have eternal life, He essentially let each of us know that He would die for us.  He did die for us to save our souls.  In my book, that’s the best love of all.

On this 2nd Sunday of Advent, may we thank God for the plan of salvation, and thank Jesus for choosing to go through with it.  He wanted His Father’s will to be done, even at the expense of His pain and suffering – even unto death – death on the cross at Calvary.

the-name-of-loveThere are days when it’s not in me to love as the Lord loves.  I’m not particularly a people person by nature and cherish my alone time.  I’m an introvert I guess – but I read in God’s Word that I am to love others as the Lord loves others.  I’m to care and give and have compassion and empathize with them.  For some folks that is second nature, but I honestly have to work at it.  With God’s help I can and will obey.  I can’t do it without His help.  Why do something that doesn’t come naturally?  Because God wants me to, and it’s my way of thanking Him for all He’s done for me.advent-2-prayer

On this second Sunday of Advent, let’s try to love others the way God loves them.  Let’s keep in mind the love God has for us and pass it along.  I believe it makes God smile when we show love to someone.  It doesn’t have to be anything big.  We can just lend a helping hand or do some little thing – or it may seem little to you, but mean the world to them.

God loves us more than anyone in the world.  He wants us to show love to one another.  With His help, we can be obedient and make Him smile as we sharpen iron with encouraging words and acts of kindness.  🙂



Let me know what you think!!!

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