But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.  – Luke 2:19

Did Mary KNOW the majesty of this life she carried?  I believe she did – but did she know how it would impact the world?  For a young girl, that would have been a lot to take in.  It was a lot to take in any way, but even though she didn’t know the future, she knew the God who held her future in His very capable hands – and she trusted Him for the rest.


I wouldn’t dream of comparing my faith and trust to that of Mary.  Can you imagine how much courage it would have taken to be a part of God’s plan for man?  She had amazing faith in God and absolute trust that He would work everything out for the good.  And you know what?  Her faith and trust…  it paid off, didn’t it?  Will faith and trust in that same God pay off in our lives?  You bet!

This thought-provoking modern day classic carol’s sung in literally hundreds of churches.  It was written back in 1996 and quickly became the most performed Christmas song ever.

Most of you know that Mark Lowry & Buddy Greene wrote it, but have you heard Mark tell the story of how he approached Bill Gaither with it?  It’s a hoot of a story – and I can just imagine the awkward moment when Bill Gaither realizes that Mark doesn’t read a lick of music.  But wow – does he have a good ear, or what?  Yeah – and he apparently asked the right question of Mary.  He asked her, “Did you know?”  So simple…  the best songs usually are, come to think of it.

LOL…  if Mark was God, he’d have come to earth differently – ‘cuz he’s a BAPTIST.  He still just cracks me up!  I was trying to find video of him talking about showing “Mary, Did You Know” to Bill Gaither – but it’s not on You Tube.pp-a-lesson-from-the-virgin-mary

When we accept Christ into our hearts and lives, it is through faith and trust – and that same faith and trust gets more grounded and stronger as time marches on.  There’s no better truth anywhere to know that regardless of the circumstances of life, God’s got this – and you’ve got God.  I hope you know the solid foundation of God through His Son, Christ Jesus.  I hope you trust Him to guide you in life and that your faith is deeply rooted for the uncertain days ahead.  🙂




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