As you begin your day, look in your full-length mirror (go ahead, it won’t break – trust me).  Can you look at the one and only body God gave you with an attitude of gratitude?  Give it a shot today because it is COMPLIMENT YOUR MIRROR DAY.

We’re all under construction – constantly.  I like the term “reinventing” because that is what we do throughout our lives.  While we are striving for a better body with diet and exercise, let’s be grateful for some things that we may now be taking for granted.

  • If you are standing in front of your mirror, that means your legs work.  Even if you have thunder thighs like me – be grateful to God that your legs hold you up and you’re able to stand.
  • Your hair may be a mess, but hey – you still have hair to get messy, right?  A little TLC will take care of those wild tresses – it’s nothing to get all freaked out about.
  • Is your skin looking dry?  Moisturize.  Does it look oily?  Wash thoroughly and hydrate.  In this heat – don’t forget the SPF to protect it from sunburn.
  • Did you mess up yesterday?  Are you still reeling over it?  If you gave it to God and asked for His help to do better, then it’s really time to let it go.  Brand new mercies are set aside for this day.  Today will be a better day because God will help you through it.
  • Maybe you’re like me – you’ve used food in the past to comfort yourself, only to discover it caused a whole host of new health problems.  God knows all about it.  Hand it to Him and He will help you overcome your addiction to food!  Learn what triggers your binges and you can stop the addictive behavior in its tracks.  God will help you find a more healthy way to deal with the rough patches in life.  Overdosing on Twinkies is not the answer.

As Christians, what were we taught from the time we were little?  It’s what’s inside a person that matters the most!  God looks on the heart and we should do the same – to others and ourselves.  The prep talk you give yourself in front of the full-length mirror each morning can either build you up or break you down.  It’s the first decision you have to make every morning.  Will you be your own best friend, or your own worst enemy?

See the good in you – love the person in the mirror.  God does!  🙂





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