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I admit it – I am at times an over-enthusiastic Conservative Republican Christian.  I believe government should be small and people and their ideas are the solutions to problems – not necessarily throwing money at them.  I believe prayer changes things – and God can move people to do the right thing – to help those around, thus, solving problems.

The lesson I need to learn is how not to get sucked into controversial discussions that will do nothing but annoy everyone.  I have to be a Christian first – follow Christ – and then be a Conservative Republican.  My relationship with my Lord has to come first and I need to be more kind to everyone, whether they agree with me or not.  Is it easy?  NO – but with Christ all things are possible.


This is a jumping off point.  God is love and Christ is redemption.  Hope is alive and well.  How can I be kind today?  Here are just a few ideas:

  1. I can tell a parent they are doing a great job.
  2. I can drag my neighbor’s trash bin to the curb along with my own.
  3. I can write a note to someone I have not seen in a long time.
  4. I can help someone at the grocery store if I see they are short of money.
  5. I can place a flower on someone’s windshield with a note that says, “Have a Nice Day”.
  6. I can let someone have a parking space they are vying for.
  7. I can show my appreciation to someone by telling their boss they are doing a great job.
  8. I can make some extra soup to take to a sick friend.
  9. I can tell a veteran I appreciate their service for America.
  10. I can tell a stranger that Jesus loves them and that I will pray for them.

I get caught up in political issues when really I need to get caught up in being kind to everyone regardless of political affiliation.  We are people before we are political.  The fact is, we live in the greatest country in the world, and yes I care about the direction we’re going, but I need to be more kind and less critical.  :-/


Let me know what you think!!!

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