I was so sad to hear of the passing of James Garner. The advertisements he and Mariette Hartley did for Polaroid through the years are timeless classics. It’s like the radio guy said – they seem so comfortable with each other, you almost thought they were a married couple!

Cameras are certainly not what they used to be. With the digital revolution came an entire generation of people who can and will take video of anything they see that looks interesting – um… good or bad. Rest assured – good or bad – especially bad – it will be uploaded to YouTube – oh yeah.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but commercials don’t amuse or entertain me like they used to. They tend to annoy me. Advertisements used to be cute and fun. They just aren’t appealing to me anymore. I’m sure I am not the demographic they are targeting either. Now I watch the ads for AARP – the lady running around in high heels – you know the one – that skinny chick that can move buildings with one finger! It’s depressing. I can’t remove oatmeal from the microwave without spilling it, let alone wear high heels!

In our family we just keep taking the photos and making scrapbook pages. We have memories from our wedding day in 1986 through the recent convention we attended. We have almost 20 scrapbooks so far! That’s a lotta memories!

I’m sure back in the day James and Mariette had no idea that technology would take off like it has. When I watch those old commercials, it makes me go back to my mom and dad’s place for just a little while. I think about all the holidays and other special occasions when daddy had his trusty Polaroid camera. Remember how the picture would come out and you had to blow hot air on it to get it to develop faster? We had an instamatic black and white camera, but when daddy came home with a color camera, we thought we were pretty high-class then!

Thanks for triggering some pretty sweet memories, James Garner. May you Rest in Peace. ❤

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