I pray for America every day. This is a message we need to hear today.

It’s true, once you mention the cross of Christ, people start squirming and get very uncomfortable. There is no middle ground – you are either a believer or you are not. Back in 1974 in a small Southern Baptist church, I felt like my legs were made of steel as I stood filled with conviction, knowing I needed to go forward but not able to move! It seemed like once I took that first step, everything became easier. Once I accepted Christ as my personal Savior, my burdens flew away and a new life started for me.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s not a magic potion and it is not a formula for making all the bad stuff in life disappear; however, if you have Christ in your heart, He does promise to help you every day of your life. He tells us to take HIS yoke upon us. His is a yoke that we can bear. Nothing will come your way that you can’t handle with His help.

A joy-filled journey, it is one I would not change. I’ve never had a single regret about my decision to accept Christ into my heart and life. He’s been my best friend for many years. I praise Him for the blessings in my life and anxiously await the day I get to meet Him face to face.

It feels like this world is going crazy, but I just hold on to God’s unchanging hand. I’m so glad that He does not waver and His rules never change. The Bible is my road map to navigate through life. I’m so thankful for His presence and His reassurance that everything will be okay.

I hope after watching this video, you too will decide to accept Christ into your heart and life. ❤


Let me know what you think!!!

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