I’m not proud, but when I was in Jr. High School (that’s Middle School to you youngsters), I repeated a word that I heard someone say at school when I got home. It’s not something that I ever did again, but this is a lesson I learned the first time.

My folks didn’t do anything like wash my mouth out with soap. They had a better tool – and it always worked for them. It was silent but deadly…

My mama played the “I’m so disappointed in you” card. Do you know what that is? It’s when you wish you could just reach into thin air and take that word back and flush it! It doesn’t work that way with words. Once they are spoken – they are out there and that is that! I was crushed because if there is one thing I never wanted to do, it was disappoint my folks.

Once I got over being crushed (and at that age you get over it fairly quickly), my keen wit kicked in and I decided to fight back. I researched and wrote an essay for my mother entitled, “Thomas Crapper was a Plumber”. I used Encyclopedias and everything! I mean, I really poured my all into this essay. I knew when mom read it, she would be SO impressed with my efforts. It was quite lengthy, but I don’t think she read all of it. I can’t imagine why!

For some strange reason, it just made matters worse. I got grounded for another week (which is like a month in tween years). I had to do extra chores and got a tongue lashing about learning to respect my elders.

Now I laugh about it. And I got another laugh just this evening.  We went to the A&W for a free root beer float this afternoon then took a little trip to Yoder later for dinner. Yoder is a small Amish community just West of Wichita. We arrived a little early so decided to take a look around at the Kansas Station, a little tourist trap gift shop.

I was wondering around and could not believe my eyes when I saw a display of spray called “Trap-a-Crap”! I had to laugh – and I laughed out loud! I looked around to see if anyone was watching me. There was nobody around. So I looked up and said to my mom… GOTCHA!!! God will see to it she gets the message! I’m pretty sure it’ll make her laugh.  Wink!   😉


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